What's Your "Ought Self" Like?

Our ideal self is the person we want to be. Our ought self is our understanding of what others want us to be - what we ought to be and do. Then there is our actual self. What happens when our actual self doesn't match the ideal or ought selves?

Coping and Procrastination: The Role of Hope

Hope - a confident feeling about what will happen in the future.  And a sentiment related to lower procrastination.

"Education Is Not the Filling of a Pail, But the Lighting of a Fire"

A quick Internet search reveals that this quote is misattributed to William Butler Yeats. Despite the error in the source, this often-used quote captures what lies at the heart of authentic engagement - fire.  

Where There's a Will, There's a . . .

. . . human being. The recent emphasis about will being merely an illusion is another example of the "baby being thrown out with the bath water." 


Mañana, tomorrow, the word conjures up a laid-back life style. In fact, we often stereotype some cultures as more laid back - Mañana nations perhaps? Are there national differences in the prevalence rates of chronic procrastination?

Evaluation Threat and Procrastination

No surprises here. High evaluation threat makes chronic procrastinators put off their work. 

Procrastination and Flow Experiences: A Tale of Opposites

Procrastinators rarely engage in their lives in a way that creates the experience of "flow." They're rarely "in the zone" or "find their groove." What's flow? Why are the optimal conditions for flow just the opposite of what promotes task delay?

Second-order Procrastination: Another Inconvenient Truth Related to Climate Change

 You control climate change . . . if you get around to it. This is the perfect storm for both first- and second-order procrastination.

Delay as a Self-handicapping Strategy: I Can Protect My Self-image by Procrastinating?

 "Do people always want to know precisely who they are and exactly what they are capable of accomplishing at their best? We doubt it . . ."

What Flavor of Perfectionist Are You? It Matters!

 Perfectionism comes in at least two flavors: adaptive and maladaptive. The maladaptive flavor seems to have social roots. (Take the self-test at the end of the blog.)

Personality: A Risk and Resilience Factor for Procrastination

So what do we know about the major personality traits and procrastination?Not surprisingly, the answer varies from study to study, but the major themes are informative, at least a place to start.

Is Procrastination a Personality Problem? What is Personality?

Does personality matter?Is there a procrastination personality?What is personality?

Giving in to Feel Good: Why Self-regulation Fails

We give in to feel good. Give in to what? Food, shopping, drinking, smoking, gambling, and, you guessed it, procrastination. The problem is that focusing on regulating our moods and feelings can lead to  self-control failure in other areas.

A Limerick to Make You Smile (and Think)

 We think about the potential and limits of science differently. We even "do" science quite differently.

Introducing Science to the Psychology of the Soul

The human confrontation with deep existential issues is now the focus of rigorous experimental methods in the discipline of Experimental Existential Psychology (or XXP for short). Experimental existentialism? Is this an oxymoron? Not according to psychologists from The Netherlands and the U.S. who published their "position paper" for this new approach in the journal, Current Directions in Psychological Science.

“It’s Just Not Me”: Projects That Won’t Get Going

When I know I must finish something soon,A. I have to push myself to get started, orB. I find it easy to get it done and over with. 

10 Sentences About Guilt & Chronic Procrastination

 The emotion most strongly associated with procrastination is guilt.

Intransitive Preference Structures: The Procrastination Trap

Moment-to-moment rational decisions can lead to and sustain procrastination (and many other problems like addiction). 

I'll Look After My Health Later: The Costs of Procrastination

Every procrastinator knows the stress associated with that needless delay. 

Procrastination: A Strategy for Change

A recently published study reveals that stating an implementation intention of when and where you'll act will make it more likely that you'll keep your appointments.

Teenagers, Identity Crises & Procrastination

  What am I? Who am I? 

Structured Procrastination: When All Else Fails

This is the essence of his concept, structured procrastination.

Mindfulness Meditation: Thoughts on Paying Attention

 Procrastination is a problem of self-regulation. 

Existentialism and Procrastination (Part 2): Bad Faith

"I'll feel more like doing it tomorrow." Self-deception.

The Anguish of Procrastination

What is life really all about? Perhaps the more accurate way to phrase this as a question is "What is your life really all about and why don't you get on with it?" Does this mean procrastination is an existential issue?

Facebook—a Whole New World of Wasting Time

  We've truly reached a new level of technological time wasting, and it's called Facebook. Talk about a study in procrastination!


It's an old story - transgression, acknowledgement or confession, forgiveness, redemption. Does it work with procrastination? It should. According to the Roman Catholic Church, slothfulness is one of the seven deadly sins. Is forgiveness the road to redemption for our sins of omission - the tasks left undone?

I'll Just Check My Email, it Will Only Take a Minute . . .

 It's a rational decision, right? 

Procrastination: It's Not Me, it's the Situation!

Psychologists call this task aversiveness. So, what makes a task aversive?