New Year's Resolutions in a Leap Year: One Day Down and still 365 to Go!

The new year has arrived. If this year held the promise of a new intention (or an old one revisited), how's it going? Did your intention become action today?

Holiday Shopping and Procrastination

A National Retail Federation survey found that shoppers have completed less of their holiday shopping this year than at the same time last year and that 41 million Americans have yet to even start, reports Dallas Cook (December 16, 2008).  Are you putting off your holiday shopping? Why?

Enhancing Your Interest in a Task Affects Energy and Action

"I break complex projects down into smaller tasks, and plan the order in which I will perform these tasks.""If an activity gets boring, I can usually find a way to make it fun again."A recent study indicates that people who endorse statements like these as typical of them are less likely to procrastinate.  

Procrastination Tax: It's Not Punishment Enough, Why?

There isn't much doubt about it. We pay for our procrastination. With such punishing consequences, you'd think we'd learn. Why don't we?

Resisting Temptation: Short-term Gain & Long-term Pain of External Control

We all get tempted away from the task at hand. Who resists this temptation? Does external control help us resist temptation? How well we resist temptation and the effects of external control depend on aspects of our personality.

The Trouble with Tips

Reader feedback was swift and accurate. Tips on how to beat procrastination, or tips for most things in fact, simply don't provide a magic cure. Yet, we're hooked on tips. Why do we want them? When do they work? When don't they?

3 Tips to Reduce Procrastination Today!

In a recent interview for a British magazine, I was asked for three tips to reduce procrastination. Given that readers of this blog may not read the magazine, I thought I would share these tips here.

Goal Orientation, Task Difficulty and Task Interest: Effects on Setting Personal Goals

What factors influence the types of goals we set? Will I aim to excel or just get by? Of course, both person and situation variables interact in the process of goal setting. This recent study helps us understand a little more about 3 factors that influence goal setting.

Viktor Frankl on Procrastination

In his autobiography published (in German) in March 1995 to coincide with his 90th birthday, Dr. Viktor Frankl reflected on "The Manner of My Work."

In Search of the Arousal Procrastinator

Are sensation seekers procrastinators? Are they putting things off to get that last minute rush? The evidence is mixed, but they say that they are.

Procrastination and Death: Conference Postscript

 My final day at the conference for the International Network on Personal Meaning (INPM) provoked further thoughts about death and procrastination.

Living Well & Dying Well: Some Reflections on Regret, Grief and Procrastination

 I'm writing from Toronto while attending the 5th biennial international conference on personal meaning. 

I Can Start that Manuscript Next Week, Can't I?

Not everyone who procrastinates in starting a task or project procrastinates in completing it and vice versa. 

Meeting Deadlines in Work Groups: Implications for the Workplace

Does your team meet its deadlines? What helps bring a group together to succeed?

Keeping the Seat of One's Pants on the Seat of the Chair

When it comes to many of our tasks, keeping the seat of our pants on the seat of our chair is a necessary first step to getting the job done. Once we get up and leave that chair, we leave our work too. 

Uncertainty, Emotion & Task Delay: I May Have Fear, but I Need Not be My Fear

In a recent discussion with a friend about procrastination, he said, "I find I always procrastinate when I don't know what to do next." The research literature reflects his personal experience, uncertainty is related to procrastination, but it's more than just not knowing what to do next. As I said in response to him, "It may also be about how the uncertainty makes you feel."

Patch Adams on Procrastination

Today, I was involved in an all-day event sponsored by The focus was on "Finding Joy in Life: Living each day to the fullest." I spoke about procrastination and how it serves to undermine our well-being. Patch Adams spoke about laughter, choice and living a life of joy. I asked Patch what he thought of a potential gap between intention and action. Here's what he said.

I am Procrastinating By Reading these Blogs: The Survey Results

A couple of weeks ago, I asked a simple question in an online survey here on my blog: To what extent are you procrastinating right now by reading these blogs?

Talk of the Procrast-i-Nation: Our Reasons for Delay

The conversation today was fascinating, as it went in so many directions. 

Procrastination: Talk of the Nation

 If you're interested in hearing more about procrastination, tune into NPR Talk of the Nation today at 3 p.m. ET. 

Worry Helps me Cope: A Metacognitive Belief Linked to Procrastination

There's more than one type of procrastination. We can needlessly delay tasks - behavioral procrastination. We can also needlessly delay making decisions - decisional procrastination.

Getting Off to a Good Start: An Upward Spiral of Happiness

Success breeds success. The rich get richer. That's not news.   

Goal Progress and Happiness

Sometimes things aren't just moving slowly. They're not moving at all. What are the effects of lack of progress in our goal pursuit? 

Avoiding What Might Have Been

Avoiding thoughts about how things could have been better - an interesting strategy for self-enhancement. "It could have been worst" vs. "I could have done it better." What do procrastinators say? 

Tell the Truth, Are You Procrastinating Right Now?

I’m curious. Are you procrastinating right now? Is reading these blogs part of your procrastination? I’m not judging, just curious. Take the anonymous poll, and I’ll post the results in a couple of weeks.

Tackling Procrastination: A Practical Counseling Approach

While we all desire to reach or release our full potential, we often face deep internal struggles with perfectionism, excessive self-doubt, lack of persistence, self-depreciation and procrastination.

Procrastination: What Role Wisdom?

WisdomWhat can we say about wisdom and procrastination? Can it be sagacious delay?

How Are You Managing Your Time?

Procrastination is NOT a time management problem. However, if you're procrastinating, chances are you're managing your time very poorly.  

Procrastination Is . . .

Have you ever procrastinated? Of course you have. So, you've got to watch this YouTube Video - Procrastination. It will make you smile. It will make you think.