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Active Procrastination: Thoughts on Oxymorons

Oxymoron - a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction. We are all familiar with common oxymorons: jumbo shrimp, boneless ribs, deafening silence or sweet sorrow, for example. Here's my favorite, "active procrastination." 

Repulsion - A Step Towards More Successful Self-Regulation?

A pediatrician who reports being helpless against the forces of a chocolate chip cookie has something to teach us all about self-regulation.

Why Are You so Impulsive?

"I spend a lot of time thinking about my own strengths and weaknesses.""I often compare myself with other people."If these statements describe you, you may be interested in the results of a new study that indicates that you are more likely to be impulsive and anxious.

A Writer's Advice - Just Get Started

A freelance writer speaks about the secret to success. His message, avoid avoidance.

Anticipating One's Troubles: The Elusive Benefits of Negative Expectations

"He who suffers before it is necessary suffers more than is necessary" (Seneca, Roman essayist, philosopher, playwright, C. 4 B.C.- A.D.65) A recent study in the journal Emotion provides support for the cost of anticipating one's troubles. It's a cost and kind of suffering procrastinators know all too well.

Procrastination and a "Good Death"

It's common to procrastinate about having some conversations. Death is one of these. The trouble is, "there are many costs of not having this conversation" (Evans, May 19, 2009).

Meaning to Get to It: Procrastination and the Art of Life

". . . I might as well stop putting life off for later. Because that's what I've been meaning to do, that's what I've been meaning to be." Therein lies his title, "meaning to get to it." This is profoundly important, I think.

Twitter: A Giant Feathery Puff of Hype

Here's the problem with talking about social networks. Everybody wants to make them into something that they're not. At least, that's what Ivor Tossell thinks. If you've got 6 minutes and 20 seconds, you'll enjoy this podcast, "Mystery of the social media expert."

Increasing Emotional Intelligence, Decreasing Procrastination

A study published this month demonstrated that a 4-week program increased emotion identification and management. Our most recent research revealed a strong negative relation between emotional intelligence and procrastination. This may be a new avenue for procrastination intervention.

Tweeting and the Economics of Attention

Everyone is all a titter about Twitter at Princeton this Fox News story reports. But the associate director of the Center for Information Technology Policy at the university is reported to have said that he thought Twitter served primarily as a distraction for most of the site's users.

Twitter: A Desultory Behavior

It took a major economic meltdown for us to recognize the problem with greed in the free market. I wonder what it's going to take for us to recognize the problem with desultory behavior created by social-networking technologies?

Email "Addicts" Need This Creative Commitment Device

There is an almost irresistible pull to that signal, and although it varies from program to program, it means the same thing, "you've got mail!" It's really a necessary task, but for far too many people it's become a problem. It's not a new problem, but that's part of the problem, email is everywhere, so the problem grows. Here's a simple solution that works.

Tween Time Management: Personality, Gender & School Performance

Time management: the completion of tasks within an expected timeframe while maintaining quality through planning, organizing, prioritizing or multitasking. A study to be published next month provides insight into what this means for 12 year olds.

Let My People Surf the Web - They'll Be More Productive!

Companies worry a lot about lost productivity. Some spend millions on software to block employees from using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or online shopping. A recent study questions this approach. In fact, a little surfing seems to increase productivity.

Procrastination Killer

Can your iPhone help you procrastinate less?

Procrastination Therapy: The Secret Ingredient for Success

Finally, the blog entry you've been waiting for, the secret ingredient to ending procrastination.

How to Overcome Obstacles to Goal Pursuit When That Obstacle

We've all seen it, if only in the movies - a coach detailing the plays for the football team. Deliberate strategies to get around obstacles to the goal. But what happens when the obstacle is you? What's your game plan?

Time Traveling to Reduce Procrastination (and "Tough Love" for Procrastinators)

We set the best of intentions for tomorrow with the belief that tomorrow will also bring the motivation to act. Some of these are new intentions, some "re-treads" as we procrastinate today. "I'll feel more like it tomorrow." Will you? Here are two strategies to help ensure you'll actually fulfill that intention.

Affective forecasting, intentions and why we procrastinate

We take action or make intentions for action believing that the action will make us feel better. This is the perceived hedonic consequence of future events. The trouble is, the research on affective forecasting shows that we're terrible at predicting how we will feel in the future. I think this is a key issue in understanding procrastination.

Academic Delay of Gratification, Motivation and Self-regulated Learning Strategies

Competing intentions. We all have them; Exercise as we intended, or spend another night as couch potato. A recent study on academic delay of gratification sheds some light on the self-regulatory skills and learning strategies that successful students use to delay gratification.

Self-affirmation: A Strategy to Reduce Self-control Failure

The research evidence across four new studies reveals the importance of affirming one's sense of self to bolster our depleted self-control. I think this research underscores the deeply existential issue of self-affirmation and "courage" in relation to the self-regulation failure we know as procrastination.

Proactive Coping: A Strategy for Self-regulation and Enhanced Well-being

Master Ugway to Master Shifu: "One often meets one's destiny while on the road taken to avoid it." 

"Don't Delay's" 1st Birthday: It's Time for a Change

My blog has its first birthday today, with this, my 100th post. It's been an interesting year of writing. Now it's time for a change.

Problematic Internet Use, Internet Procrastination and Flow

Is the time you spend online so excessive that it disrupts your social life or causes you physical harm? Are you using the Internet to avoid doing your real work? Do you get so "hooked" that you lose track of the amount of time that you spend online?

A Unified Framework for Addiction: Decision-Process Vulnerabilities and Procrastination

Based on a framework for addiction recently published in the journal Behavioral and Brain Sciences, philosopher, Chrisoula Andreou, has offered up ideas to consider in our understanding of procrastination. 

Parenting Style and Procrastination

Blame it on our parents. It's a common theme. Is it true for procrastination? Is parenting style related to adolescent procrastination? Yes, and there are some interesting gender differences.

Biased Planning and Procrastination

Successful pursuit of our goals begins with goal setting. The thing is, we're overly optimistic, often setting unrealistic time estimates for goal completion. One form of this optimism is known as the "planning fallacy."

A Procrastinating Student Defends her Position (and My Reply)

Andrea Millet wrote a piece that was published in the yesterday. In it, she defends the last-minute efforts of the procrastinator. She writes, "Procrastination can be a helpful tool - it's not a fault but instead a skill, a carefully perfected strategy for motivation and focus." The problem is, she couldn't be more wrong.

A Panda's Lessons About Goal Setting

Master Shifu to Po, "You actually thought you could learn to do a full split in one night? It takes years to develop one's flexibility, and years longer to apply it in combat." Goal setting - without realistic goals, we're set up for failure before we start.