As a parent wearily pushes the shopping cart around the supermarket, two kids wiggling their way out of their seats, a passerby (often an older person) smiles and says, "cherish these moments." What parent hasn't heard that before? The comment is the truth, of course, but it means more than the obvious moment.

As a very happy and often exhausted "dinosaur dad" (my favorite term for having kids in my early 50's), I find a lot of joy in my children. I've never played and danced so much in my life (except perhaps when I was a pre-schooler too). The joy in their way of being teaches me many things daily.

The simplest of lessons relates to the comment I noted above. Every parent knows how quickly the infancy, toddler and pre-school years overall go by. Parents who are no longer in the sleep-deprived struggles of those moments often graciously reach out with advice to remember how precious these moments are, even though they can also be so demanding. They know, because those moments have come and gone now in their own lives. Hindsight is 20-20, as they say.

                       The reality is, all of life is like that.
                   Each moment is precious the same way.

Procrastination - that "thief of time" - can undermine our lives in a profound way. Carpe Diem and "cherish this moment" - right now!

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