This post is in response to Twitter Bashing: Don't Blame the Tools by Pamela B. Rutledge

Here's the problem with talking about social networks. Everybody wants to make them into something that they're not. Social media experts and members of the "get off my lawn brigade" are chasing each other in circles around the media, while members of the public who use the Internet shrug and sigh. At least, that's what Ivor Tossell thinks.

There is certainly no lack of debate about social media. You've seen it here in the PT Blogs and just about anywhere else you look. The Globe and Mail's WebSeven podcast is Ivor Tossell's bi-weekly take on Internet trends and culture (you can subscribe to it at iTunes). If you're interested in social networking and how we're all making sense of it, you'll find this podcast thought provoking and amusing.

Got 6 minutes and 20 seconds? You'll enjoy this podcast - "Mystery of the social media expert."

Listen to it now

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