Finally, the blog entry you've been waiting for, the secret ingredient to ending procrastination.

"The secret ingredient of my secret ingredient soup is . . . nothing. There is no secret ingredient!" Once Po's father had told him this, Po, the Dragon Warrior, had the insight he needed to understand why the Dragon Scroll was blank. There is no secret ingredient, "it's just you."

Of course, this wisdom is key for our understanding of procrastination as well. There is no secret ingredient, no magic route to self-change - Just you developing personal insight into how you undermine your own goal pursuit. I hope my blog contributes to your personal journey. I learn something every day.

This twist seemed an appropriate posting for this, the fools day of April. Happy April 1st ☺

Blogger's Note: Ok, that was my last Kung Fu Panda post, I promise! (well, maybe, it is April 1st after all).

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