Reflections and repairs for Mother's Day

Having a difficult mother need not mean that Mother's Day is a washout. Here's how we can use it to shore up our soul.

The Strange Appeal of Donald Trump

John Oliver on Donald Trump: "Part of me likes him; that's the part of me I hate."

The Persistent Pain of Family Estrangement

Being estranged from an adult son or daughter is more common than you may think; it is also painful, and many parents suffer in silence.

Discipline: Is It What You Say or How You Say It?

Nothing is of greater interest to parents than how their behavior affects their children; but do we know what questions to ask?

Depression, and women

It is not juggling that puts women at risk of depression, but what all too often drives hectic activity: a compulsion to please others, or to live up to an ideal and a mind-set in which one’s own desires are worth less than those of others.

Understanding and Self-control: Is There a Connection?

A child who is able to reflect on what she is feeling, why she feels as she does and how other people’s thoughts and feelings inform their behavior is more likely to be able to manage her own feelings – and more likely to become the adult who thrives in personal and professional life.

Is Arguing Really Bad for the Children?

We believe that parents should not quarrel in front of the children. Is this protectiveness or deprivation?

Why Do Children Cheat?

Are school cheats a few rotten apples or are we putting them in a rotten barrel?

Difficult Mothers in Old Age

"You’ll be old someday, too."

The Hungry Mind

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “I think, at a child’s birth, if a mother could ask a fairy godmother to endow it with the most useful gift, that gift should be curiosity.”

Young Girls’ Body Image: Resisting Size 0

There’s too little research on how girls engage with associations of "worthy" and "thin".

Midlife Women: Why Are They More Assertive?

Midlife women have long been observed to display more assertiveness and be more adventurous. What midlife research requires is a sharper focus on how we reflect on our own feelings and desires.

Access to Pornography: Are Parents’ Concerns Justified?

Computers with web access are part of young people’s lives, yet they also pose undefined dangers.

Grandparenting: a positive face of in-law relationships

 Grandparents are hard-wired to bond to grandchildren, but in-laws may come between them.

Resilience in troubled teens

 The teen years are fraught with problems, but new research explains what lies behind resilience.

In-law Conflict and Troubled Marriages

It's the power struggle that blights millions of marriages, but few understand this ancient conflict.

The science of praise

Praise is a highly emotive interpersonal tool, and it is more difficult to use than we think.

Our child’s self esteem: When should we worry?

If hard work is more important than talent, then a child's self esteem is key  

Sisters: love and rivalry

Sibling squabbles are a familiar part of family life, but the mind-shaping importance of the passionate mix of love and rivalry is often ignored. 

Do Cross-Gender Friendships Always Have a Sexual Element?

Breaking the stereotype of men's and women's friendships