Our Jack Russell terrier helps me with yoga.

Toodles helps the author do yoga.

Toodles, the diminutive Jack Russell terrier, routinely assists at my weekly yoga lesson.  Today she decided to help with some particularly difficult, for me, quadriceps stretches.   Her effort was captured by my instructor, Carol Garabedian, using her cellphone—what else?  Toodles deploys her various toys, here a rather chewed-up soft flying disc, to teach people her games.  Should they not get the message, she will sit and stare silently at them until they figure it out. She trained a housesitter while we were on vacation last week, who reported “She is smart and funny and can stare longer than any creature I've ever known.”  Toodles appears to believe that the two-legged creatures serving her are often more than a little dim.

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