Attempt to Redirect Dog Evolution Falls Flat

Researchers' claims that dogs evolved fewer than 10,000 years ago are at odds with current archaeological and genetic evidence. They are also grounded in the belief that wolves and humans are natural enemies. They are not.

Roots of Dogs Found in Wolf Cooperation

Scientists look at the wolf and see dog.

Saving the Large Carnivores

Female European brown bear in Dynaric Mountains, Slovenia. Copyright Miha Krofel. Courtesy of Science magazine.

What’s Wrong with “The Wrong Dog?”

Our kelpie Harley had a brain tumor that caused seizures. They did not keep him from learning to dive to the bottom of the pool, but physical problems can often affect a dog's behavior, as they did his in other ways.

When Did You Stop Kicking, Hitting Your Spouse, Dog, Child?

To train a dog well, it is important to find out what motivates her. Katie would rather play tennis ball than eat.

Dogs, Dumbness, and Dominance, Redux

New studies claim dogs from the start were bred to be dumb and obey humans while forming dominance hierarchies.

Domestication and Tameness: What Do We Really Know?

Does breeding for "tameness" trigger "Domestication Syndrome" in mammals?

Ice Age Mammoth Hunters Might Have Used Wolf-Dogs

A new theory holds that human mammoth hunters had a canine assistant who was not quite a dog.

Toodles Does Yoga

Toodles, the Jack Russell terrier uses toys to train people.

"Documentary" Presents Distorted View of Wolves. Take 2

Update on Man-Eating Super Wolves. Animal Planet keeps anti-wolf program from Ameircan audiences but shows it abroad.

"Documentary" Presents Distorted View of Wolves

A new program presents a distorted view of wolves as human-eating super predators. Phoo for Gary Flaherty for USFWS.

A Proposal To Stop Breeding Dogs

A feist is the generic small dog of the American South.

Washington Wolf Spayed For Cavorting With a Dog

When a gray wolf crossbred with a livestock guard dog in Washington, officials ordered her spayed. Photo of a gray wolf by Gary Kramer for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

When the Livestock Guard Is a Dog, She Might Also Be a Wolf

Caucasian livestock guard dogs have long interbred with wolves. Photo by permission. ©Natia Kopaliani.

A Plan to "De-List" Wolves Runs Into Science

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service says that the gray wolf is not a "valid species" in terms of the Endangered Species Act. This gray wolf was photographed by Scott Flaherty for the USFWS.

Teach Your Doggies Well

Mary Derr, the author's Mother, and Rocky decided to reach an accommodation rather than spend their days ignoring each other.

The Eastern Coyote Revealed

The eastern coyote has a highly mixed ancestry.

Without the Wolf There Is No Dog

Jim and Jamie Dutcher let the wolves they hoped to film and observe in Idaho's Sawtooth Mountains come to them. Photo ©Jim and Jamie Dutcher, The Hidden Life Of Wolves.

The Mystery of the Missing Wolf

The dingo was one of the dogs used in a new genetic study comparing wolves and dogs, designed to help explain the origins of the dog. (Photo of a dingo on the road by Jarrod Amoore of Sydney, Australia)

Prehistoric Central Californians Relied on Dogs

A new study suggests that dogs were numerous among California's prehistoric hunters and gatherers, like the Ohlone.

Toodling the Edge of Oblivion

Toodles has a story of survival to tell.

Diving Deep into the Brain

Deep Brain Stimulation involves insertion of electrodes into the brain.

New Study Has Important Implications for Dog Origins

Prepared for my book, How the Dog Became the Dog, by cartographer Chris Hanson, this map shows my expectation that the earliest dogs would be found in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and the region of the Caspian Sea and Caucasus, as well as the Mediterranean coast of Europe. Copyright Chris Hanson.

New Study Places First Dogs In Europe

After comparing ancient and modern DNA of dogs, wolves, and other wolflike canids, researchers declared Europe the birthplace of the dog.

One Bicycling Accident Too Many

Major investment in bicycling infrastructure will transform society, improve the environment, help local economies and make people healthier. The Dutch-made Tripod is a recumbent tricycle with a full suspension for safe, fast cornering.

How Hunting Might Have Helped Turn Wolf to Dog, W2D

The Indian wild dog, or dhole, is known for its cooperative hunting.

New New World Breeds Reveal Rich Recent Mixed Heritage

Each dog is a breed according to new campaign encouraging Costa Ricans to adopt shelter dogs.

Dog Shuns Her Human Companion

Toodles the Jack Russell terrier studies the blog post about her shunning of the big biped sometimes called Dog by his old friends.

Where Is the Wolf Who Became the Dog?

A dingo was chosen--along with a basenji, three wolves, and a golden jackal--for a whole genome scan as part of a recent unsuccessful effort to identify the wolf who contributed most to the dog. This photo of a rare white dingo is made available under Creative Commons.

Searching for Genetic Evidence of America’s First Dogs

Geneticists have joined the hunt for what remains of pre-Columbian dogs.