The comment section on so many internet news stories, blog posts, and so forth seem to elicit the worst in people. Whether it is news, sports, or most anything else I'm amazed at the level of vitriol out there. So, what's up with that?

It reminds me of how some people behave in a car when driving alone. Many will swear, yell, and display their middle fingers to others so easily without much provocation. I'd guess that they feel anonymous in their cozy cars and allow their impulses to get the best of them. This seems to be true on the internet as well. Perhaps feeling safe and comfortable in front of their computers (and mostly unidentifiable), many don't put any breaks on their impulses behaving very poorly (and often aggresively) towards others.

I suppose that it doesn't help having politicians, celebrities, and other public figures behaving in similar ways. Remember the "You lie!" outbreak during the state of the union address?  These trends are problematic and disturbing in my view. Whatever happened to an appreciation for respectfulness and treating others as you would like to be treated? We learn this in pre-school yet it seems to get unlearned as we grow older. The Golden Rule is really a very good rule regardless of one's religious (or non-religious) background and perspective.

So, does the internet make you meaner than you generally are? If so, would you consider using the Golden Rule when online? Civility, respectfulness, treating others as we would be treated in the right thing to do in my book. What about you? What do you think?

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