Polarization Of Groups Never Ends Well

We live in difficult times with extreme polarization of groups resulting in divisiveness everywhere. Research in psychology informs us that this never ends well. So, push back!

Psychology Informs Us About Hate Groups

Decades of psychological research helps us better understand hate group behaviors. Learning from much of this research can make the incomprehensible more comprehensible.

Even Psychologists Need Help with Civility Guidelines

APA's efforts to improve civility might become a best practice that other groups could benefit from. Time will tell but hopefully, psychologists are onto something here.

How Do We Parent in the Trump Era?

If we want to live in a world of honesty, integrity, respect, concern for others, and so forth then we have to model these values at every opportunity to do so.

Stand Up For Civility

If we all do our part to reinforce civil behavior and provide corrective feedback for uncivil behavior we may help to turn our increasingly uncivil community into a more civil one.

5 Ways to Cope Better with Political Stress Now

To avoid the destructive trajectory of post-election stress disorder, we need to have an active coping plan that highlights best practices.

Get Better Sleep

The National Institute of Health estimates that more than 40 million Americans have sleep disorders. Yet there are several key strategies to get better sleep.

The 3 C’s of Engaging Political Discourse and Behavior

Without a commitment to civility, compassion, and the common good it is hard to image a hopeful future for any of us.

The Toxicity of Incivility

Our current political environment, as well as our present culture in general, has devolved towards extreme incivility or rudeness on steroids! We need to push back...hard!

Post Election Stress Disorder: Is It a Thing?

The APA just released their Stress in America survey. Results suggest we are stressed out, especially over politics. Perhaps Post Election Stress Disorder is a thing after all!

Should Psychologists Diagnose President Trump?

After reflection, discernment, and consultation with peers, professionals must act in ways that are consistent with their personal and professional ethics for the greater good.

What Would You Say to Your 16-Year-Old Self?

If you were writing a letter to your 16-year-old self, what would you say? What lessons have you learned in life that you might share with a much younger version of yourself?

3 Ways To Better Cope With Inauguration Panic

Many people are in a state of panic about the upcoming American presidential inauguration on Friday. While there are no simple answers, these 3 strategies may help you cope better.

4 Ways to Cope With Fear in the New Year

While there are no easy answers, being intentional and thoughtful about managing our fears as transition into 2017 is a really great idea. Besides, the alternative isn’t so good.

Six Ways to Cope With The 2016 Presidential Election Results

After the brutality of this election season ends, we should all step up to be the helpers our country needs.

Is Facebook the New Rorschach?

While Facebook is certainly not a valid and reliable projective testing instrument used by psychologists, it is a projective test nonetheless.

Coping With Election-Related Stress

The American Psychological Association just released their annual report about stress in America. This year, they focused on stress related to the current election process.

How Universities Can Foster Ethical Awareness Among Students

Given the state of the world and the deteriorating level of public discourse now is an important time to do what we can to instill ethical decision making among college students.

Goodness: An Often Underrated but Much Needed Virtue

There are many example of goodness out there. When we see it, it can inspire and motivate us. Perhaps we need to attend to goodness more often and model it as much as we can.

The 2 Most Critical Elements of Any Relationship

Embracing respect and compassion, and putting them into daily practice, will improve all of our relationships.

Is Civility Dead in America?

We are living in a more uncivil community. From presidential politics to random internet comments there is more demeaning and insulting behavior out there. But we can stop it.

A Horrific Truth About Organizations That Serve Children

Sadly, widespread sexual abuse perpetrated by teachers on children under their charge at many of the nation’s most elite private boarding school shouldn't surprise us.

Bad and Good News About Racism, Sexism, and Discrimination

When it comes to racism, sexism, and prejudice there is both bad news and good news. We likely can never eliminate these qualities in people but we can make great progress.

Make America Kind Again

We must let respect and kindness be organizing and centering principles for all that we do and say. Perhaps this is the only way to make America kind and great again.

10 Principles to Maximize Happiness

Attending to these 10 important principles will improve happiness and well-being. Easier said than done of course but if we really want to be happy then we need to try these.

Sacred Values Can Transform Behavior for Good ...And for Bad

If we can attend to the importance of positive and negative sacred values we can make some progress towards creating a less violent and more peaceful world for all.

Are Love and Romance Possible in a Narcissistic Culture?

As our culture and community gets more narcissistic the ability to engage in loving, giving, and other focused intimate relationships become more challenging to secure and sustain.

Might Alcohol Be The Smoking Gun With College Assaults?

You manage the alcohol consumption on college campuses and you’ll find that sexual assaults will be greatly reduced as well. They are related and we need to treat them as such.

The Ethics of Recent Protests on College Campuses

Excellent models of protest movements exist such as those conducted by Martin Luther King, Cesar Chavez, and Mahatma Gandhi. Perhaps our current college students might take a page from their playbooks and model them in their efforts to assist in righting previous and current wrongs and to do so ethically so that their desire for change is consistent with ethical behavior.

The Clergy Sexual Abuse Story Is Revisited In "Spotlight"

The church and the community is safer in 2015 thanks in large part to the tireless efforts of the Boston Globe Spotlight team. While there are always risks of problem cases falling between the cracks when it comes to child safety more and more of these cracks are being sealed shut to ensure that all children are safe in church as well as in other community environments.