Bad and Good News About Racism, Sexism, and Discrimination

When it comes to racism, sexism, and prejudice there is both bad news and good news. We likely can never eliminate these qualities in people but we can make great progress.

Make America Kind Again

We must let respect and kindness be organizing and centering principles for all that we do and say. Perhaps this is the only way to make America kind and great again.

10 Principles to Maximize Happiness

Attending to these 10 important principles will improve happiness and well-being. Easier said than done of course but if we really want to be happy then we need to try these.

Sacred Values Can Transform Behavior for Good ...And for Bad

If we can attend to the importance of positive and negative sacred values we can make some progress towards creating a less violent and more peaceful world for all.

Are Love and Romance Possible in a Narcissistic Culture?

As our culture and community gets more narcissistic the ability to engage in loving, giving, and other focused intimate relationships become more challenging to secure and sustain.

Might Alcohol Be The Smoking Gun With College Assaults?

You manage the alcohol consumption on college campuses and you’ll find that sexual assaults will be greatly reduced as well. They are related and we need to treat them as such.

The Ethics of Recent Protests on College Campuses

Excellent models of protest movements exist such as those conducted by Martin Luther King, Cesar Chavez, and Mahatma Gandhi. Perhaps our current college students might take a page from their playbooks and model them in their efforts to assist in righting previous and current wrongs and to do so ethically so that their desire for change is consistent with ethical behavior.

The Clergy Sexual Abuse Story Is Revisited In "Spotlight"

The church and the community is safer in 2015 thanks in large part to the tireless efforts of the Boston Globe Spotlight team. While there are always risks of problem cases falling between the cracks when it comes to child safety more and more of these cracks are being sealed shut to ensure that all children are safe in church as well as in other community environments.

Social Engineer Gun Violence or Accept the Consequences.

We have made the country safer by socially engineering car safety as well as other issues related to smoking, vaccinations, and various consumer protections. Other developed countries have much better track records regarding gun safety than we do. Perhaps taking a page from their playbook isn’t such a bad idea if we have the will to do so.

Four Ways to Foster Ethics in College Athletics

With appropriate attention and desire, college athletics can be an excellent venue for nurturing ethical behavior and character formation. It really doesn't take that much time or money to make it happen. But will colleges make it a priority?

Six Ways Universities Can Foster Better Ethics on Campus

If colleges make ethical development a priority and infuse campus life with ethical decision making we would likely have many fewer press headlines about college students behaving badly. And we’d likely also have less anxious parents and administrators too!

Could Online Pornography Be A Silent Yet Exploding Epidemic?

Online pornography may be an emerging epidemic. Perhaps we need to treat the internet like any other possible addictive substance. Then we can be more thoughtful and intentional in being sure that online pornography doesn’t take hold of us and our youth.

A Very Dark and Sad Day for Psychology

Many people trust psychologists with their emotional, behavioral, educational and relational health and well-being. They must be confident that psychologists always do the right thing and follow their ethical principles without exception. It may take some time for psychology to rebuild some of that trust after the release of the Hoffman Report on torture.

Six Ways to Create a Culture of Ethics in Any Organization

Often we hear about unethical and egregious behavior of organizations and their leaders that seem intent on screwing their customers, lying and cheating, and laughing all the way to the bank.Yet, there are many ways that organizations can create a culture that supports and nurtures ethics. And good ethics is good business in the end. What have so many not gotten the memo?

Four Strategies to Make Facebook Work Better for You

Facebook has become a very powerful phenomenon and tool, transforming lives around the globe. But you need to find a way to make it work for you and not against you. Keeping social comparison theory in mind might help you to do so. Monitor your mood and comparisons after Facebook use and then act accordingly.

Three Potential Lessons from the Dennis Hastert Abuse Story

As the Dennis Hastert story unfolds, let’s remind ourselves that in order to maximize the safety of children and teens everywhere, we must be vigilant about who has access to and power over our precious children and just because someone is smart, charming, and successful doesn’t mean that they won’t take advantage of children if given the opportunity to do.

A Few Surprising Predictors of Exercise Enjoyment

While further research is always needed from multiple labs and with multiple and diverse populations, our most recent research suggests that your beliefs about your own fitness and working harder might actually help you to enjoy your exercise more. And if you enjoy it, you’ll do it. And if you do it, your body, mind and soul will be better off as well.

3 Reasons Any of Us Can Blow Up, at Anyone

We all have thoughts and impulses that are horrific if acted upon. Keeping our impulsive behaviors in check is one of the most important and hardest things we have to do in life. And if you add extreme frustration, anger, or alcohol it becomes that much harder to control this more ugly side of all of us.

College Students Gone Wild!

Rather than banishing misbehaving students from campus we should try to find a path of reconciliation, restorative justice, and thoughtful learning that ultimately makes for a better, and more compassionate, community.

How Far Can and Should Your Compassion Go?

It is very easy to talk a good line about compassion but it is very challenging to actually do compassion. While homelessness may be just one of numerous problems needing more compassion it well illustrates the startling contradictions of what we espouse and what we actually do.

Has Being Self-Centered Gotten a Bad Rap?

While living in a Facebook, celebrity driven, reality show, and selfie environment, how can we not become more narcissistic? Ultimately, we have to learn to balance and manage our narcissistic tendencies in a way that considers the needs and rights of others. Easier said than done but we must do so to live in a better world for all of us.

Your Exercise Environment Matters a Lot

Overall, the psychological and even physical benefits of exercise can be altered (both consciously and perhaps unconsciously) by the kind of exercise environment you choose to work out in. Being mindful of these benefits may help you get the most out of your exercise experience.

Has College Become Dangerous for Students?

A great deal of press attention has focused on the problematic and often unethical behavior of college students in recent years. Campus sexual assaults, excessive drinking, and academic cheating scandals have been headline news impacting even our nation’s most elite universities. What can we do to improve college student behavior and maximize good ethical decision making?

Three Steps for a Better New Year

If you want a better 2015 for yourself and for those around you please remember three key words: Gratitude, Kindness, and Acceptance. Try this simple three step process and see how it goes for you. I bet that if you make a sincere effort you’ll be glad that you did and will start the New Year off much better than you expected.

Why Holiday Traditions May Matter More than Ever

Being mindful of the importance of holiday traditions and how they provide organizing, centering, and consoling benefits may help us to respect the wishes of important others and find ways to make the holidays a wonderful rather than a highly stressful experience.

Three Ways to Avoid a Black Friday Hangover

You know the drill…as soon as you can finish your Thanksgiving Day festivities you rush to the department stores for big, bold, better-than-ever Black Friday holiday sales! This is exactly what retailers want you to do but if you’re smart you’ll have other plans. Being thoughtful about what you are willing and not willing to do may help you avoid the Black Friday hangover.

Three Critical Questions To Ask Your Therapist

There are lots of great, well-trained, and licensed mental health professionals out there who offer high quality, evidence-based, professional, and state-of-the-art service. But there are also a lot of folks out there who have no business representing themselves to the public as professional therapists. Do yourself a favor and know the difference before working with one.

4 Things You Need to Know About Pursuing Happiness

We all want to live a happy and satisfied life. While we can’t control all the variables we can use quality science and best practices to maximize the odds that we will have a happier and more satisfied life. Surprisingly, focusing on relationships and others rather than money and status is likely to help you achieve what you desire. Yet most people ignore these facts.

4 Ways To Cope With the People Who Drive You Mad

We often expect people to be reasonable, rational, logical, thoughtful, and perhaps think and behave just like we do. Guess what? They don’t! Get over it and use these four principles to make your life better.

Three Ways to Be a Better Listener

Listening is really hard to do, even for those of us who do it for a living. We all could be better at it. But if you follow a few simple principles you’ll likely make progress in being a better listener. I’ll guarantee that others will be grateful for your efforts if you try.