Diversity and Inclusiveness Is Good For Your Well-being

Being intolerant of people who are different to you may be bad for your well-being; results for 8 different aspects of well-being.

Doing Something Different for Anxiety and Depression

New habit-breaking behaviours might help reduce anxiety and depression.........

If You Want to Improve Health, Change Your Behaviour

New research confirms the role of behavioral factors in health and that text-based support can improve heart disease risks. Making small changes in behavior can improve life.

Cheating Yourself? I Hear the Advice, I Do What I Want

Real behaviour change is not about willpower, or stages of change, but about satisfying wants and dealing with needs along the way.......it is about coherence at all levels of the person......

The Thinking Trap

People believe their own thoughts despite the fact that much psychological science shows this is an illusion........

Are you addicted?

Smoking is an addiction that is costly for the smoker, for their loved ones and for society. some of the common myths of quitting smoking (and other addictions) are explored.....
Why We Always Give Up on Resolutions, and How We Can Stop

Why We Always Give Up on Resolutions, and How We Can Stop

Have you ever said, with grit and determination, that you are going to do something only to then give up? Have you heard your friends say the same and then watched them slide back to their old ways? Such failures are common. In fact, they are more common than successes. Ben Fletcher discusses why and how to turn failure into success......
Do You Have Style? Take the Test!

Do You Have Style? Take the Test!

Personal style is more than just going to the right shops and buying what is featured in key magazines......

What Your Clothes Are Telling You

Want to do better at maths? Don't wear a swimsuit! Want to be stronger? Wear a superman outfit! Yes, your clothes can influence you in so many ways.

Do Something Different at School

Habits in schools can create real problems. Breaking them can have fantastic outcomes...

Happiness Is Not a Feeling – It Is Doing

Happiness is all about actions and what you do, not what you think you feel...so if you want to be happier, Do Happy.
A Do a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

A Do a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Recent medical research shows the importance of simple behavior changes for health and well-being. One change may have real benefits.

Will You Give the Perfect Gift This Christmas?

It is easy to get it wrong when you buy someone a present, and just as easy to reveal what you really think about the gift you receive.
The Sales Personality, An Ambivert Advantage

The Sales Personality, An Ambivert Advantage

Being an extravert has disadvantages in sales.

Do You Need More Common Sense?

Why isn't common sense very common? It is about time it was taken seriously, but that means.........

What Your Clothes Might Be Saying About You

We all make snap judgments about people from the clothes they wear. Are you aware of the subtle effects, and potentially powerful consequences, of your clothing?

What worries keep you awake at night?

What are the top 5 'big questions' people ask themselves?

Who Can I Turn To?

People who give you advice may not have your interests at heart, even if they seem to care.

The Dollar Value of Your Personality

Being so attached to your personality might be costing you a lot in terms of life satisfaction. See how much extra annual income you would need to get the same advantage as flexing your personality.
The Trouble With Thinking?

The Trouble With Thinking?

Changing thinking is not the answer......
Tackling Your Money Habits

Tackling Your Money Habits

Your financial decisions and shopping choices might not be what they seem...doing something different?
Staying Younger for Longer

Staying Younger for Longer

Can letting go of old habits give your brain a new lease of life and help stave off the mental decline usually associated with ageing?

Revive Your Relationship

Rev up your relationship.......
Expand Your Personality, Shrink Your Waistline

Expand Your Personality, Shrink Your Waistline

The secret to successful weight loss is not in willpower, or in your genes, or fancy food diets.
Do Something Different - David Palmer photographer

What Are Your Fantasies?

Fantasies often get in the way of positive change...
The Big Stress Lie

The Big Stress Lie

Work is not stressful...

Are You Living a Lie?

Are parts of your life out of synch with each other? Do you ever say one thing and do another? Are you living a lie?

Is Our Personality Our Trap?

Have you done a personality test? Most people have, or will at least have a view about their own type of personality. Do you have a predictable way of behaving? Probably. But is it even wise to have a 'personality?'