When Holistic Medicine and Traditional Psychiatry Clash

How to keep yourself safe and communication open when psychiatry and holistic care clash.

Guide to Baby Sleep Positions: Co-Sleeping or No Sleeping

The Guide to Baby Sleep Positions is more than a book or a survival guide; it is a public service to parents of Insistently Cuddly Infants everywhere.

The Anxious Mind in an Anxious World

The same skills I use to cope with my anxiety every day help me cope with a heartbroken, anxious world.

Good-Bye to a Young Woman

I hoped that her story would continue, as mine did, from a dark night to a bright future. I did not know her well, but I grieve for a young woman who left this world too soon.

To Good Morning America, From Anne-Marie Lindsey

The dangers of trying to cover mental health issues in two-minute segments.

The Stigma of Mental Illness

Three stories about how the stigma of mental illness makes it difficult to find help in the "real" world, even as the internet provides a refuge for the struggling and ashamed.