Some Thoughts about Intimacy and Couples Conflict

Successful conflict resolution in intimate relationships requires essentially different strategies than does conflicts in busoiness or professional relationships. Because intimate relationships are more fragile in nmany ways than other relationships the relationship requires greater priority than the subject at issue.

The Annual Marital Performance Review

 If more couples used an annual performance review with each other, marital difficulties would be identified before it is too late.

Alienation of Affection in Southern Divorce

 Alienation of affection lawsuits are a quaint but potent holdover from simpler times that can complicate the negotiation of a divorce settlement.

Marriage and Paying Attention

Marriages don't break. They slowly erode and starve to death as distractions from kids and careers sap the vitality of the relationship because couples neglect the care and feeding of the marriage. 

Telling Your Spouse You Want a Divorce

How you tell your spouse that you want a divorce can determine whether the divorce is relatively peaceful or litigious and destructive.

The Six Signals of Divorce

The decision to devorce develops slowly and one of the spouses is often surprised. Here are six signals that almost always mean divorce is imminent.

Divorce and Affairs

When a partner has had an affair and the couple is divorcing, divorce mediation is more challenging because the other spouse may insist that the affair was the only reason for the divorce and that the guilty spouse should be punished. But insistent reality testing on the part of the mediator should help both spouses to take responsibility for making the mediation successful.

The "Best" Lawyers

When divorcing couples search for the "best" lawyers, they often end up choosing the worst. Here's why.

Divorce Piggy Bank

How about buying a divorce piggy bank so that you can save for your divorce whenever you do something to screw up your marriage?

Marriage Counseling and the Decision to Divorce

Once one partner decides to divorce, counseling can help. But it can also hurt.

Is There Such a Thing as a "Good Divorce"?

Although "good divorce" may seem like an oxymoron, most couples can achieve it if they know how it is done. Read this and learn how.

When Friends and Family Get Divorced

Giving advice to divorcing friends can be hazardous to them when you are not a genuine expert on divorce.

How To Apologize to a Woman

Most men don’t know how to apologize. In intimate relationships an effective apology can quickly heal an inadvertent injury. Similarly, an ineffective apology or the complete failure of an apology can cause an inadvertent injury to be experienced as a major wound to the relationship.

Some Thoughts on Blame in Divorce

Despite the fact that most states have passed no fault divorce laws, fault and blame continue to play a large role in the ways that divorces develop.

Divorce Settlements are Very Predicatable

If you know the truth about divorce settlements it could save you thousands of dollars. Almost all divorces settle along very predicatable norms and cases only go to trial when one or more lawyers or clients are nuts.

Virtual Infidelity

Now you can have adultery without sex. Many believe that infidelity exists if you have intimate communication with a member of the opposite sex or look at torrid stuff on the internet.

The Psychology of Divorce

Divorce is both a legal process as well as a psychological process. The legal process is important but the psychological process and how it is played out by the couple largely determines the tone and the nature of the divorce.

Introduction: Divorce for Grownups

Though it supports the multi-billion dollar divorce industry, conventional divorce serves families poorly and makes it more difficult for family members to adjust and get on with their lives.