They seem to have it all. They are the rich and powerful. They enjoy a lifestyle that few will ever get. From the outside, their lives are perfect. Yet, over and over, sex brings down the most famous. Without fail, every year a high profile person is exposed for having an affair, being a sex addict, sexting, or other forbidden activities. People can’t get enough of it because the lure of hot sex is irresistible.

Basically, sex sells. You see it almost everywhere you look. From scantily clad cheerleaders at sports games to singers who wear provocative outfits on stage, audiences want to be turned on. Las Vegas is built on gambling and sex shows. Isn’t it amazing how much people smile there! Everyone wants and needs fun, but in today’s world, good times are hard to find. Stress is unbearable, and people need outlets. Sexual pleasure is a favorite stress reliever, and the taboo is even more tempting.

When it comes to celebrities and the rich and powerful, everyone asks the same question. Why would they risk their positions in life for sex? Most of these people are high achievers because they are driven to succeed. They want to be the best, and though they are successful, they find no peace. They strive to get more and more, believing that it will somehow bring them the happiness that eludes them. At their core is an emptiness that they are trying to fill. Too many times they believe that if they just get famous or powerful enough, then they will have everything they want. But it usually doesn’t work that way.

High stress levels come with their status. Society expects them to live and look a certain way. They are expected to perform. This produces an explosive powder keg internally. When people find themselves in high profile jobs and lives, they learn that the attention and pressure are overwhelming. They may remember times when they were much happier, usually when younger and unattached. This makes them crave the sexual excitement that they had before they found themselves with so many responsibilities.

Sex is a basic desire, and it makes the brain light up with endorphins. Sexual pleasure actually can make you feel happy, like a drug. So many people are drawn to it, even when it seems to cause harm to their families. Inside, these people are trying to find happiness and relief from life’s pains. They aren’t thinking of consequences when they act. They only want that quick high.

Have you ever noticed that there is sadness in these people? Are they acting out to destroy themselves? The truth is that successful individuals often feel that they are not really good enough. This causes them great internal stress, so they look for a quick ego boost with sex.

Though they may not realize it, they are putting themselves in situations where they may be forced from their cherished positions in life. But this may be exactly their goal. . They do not have to admit that the strain of their lives and jobs was too great if a sex scandal brings them down. Perhaps they truly were unhappy in their relationships but simply couldn’t bring themselves to break it off. Maybe they needed to step away from their careers but could not find the strength to do it. Acting out can be their way of forcing their lives to fall apart. That way they are forced to reevaluate and rebuild.

Additionally there is the tremendous attention that comes with a sex scandal. People driven to succeed need their egos stroked. They have to have it like a drug. Attention is attention. Even though they may be torn apart in the media, they still receive the spotlight, and attention pays off. Many times, down the road, they end up with even more money and opportunities. Great rewards come with engaging in sexual escapades. Attention. Money. Come back story. Escape. These are all reasons that someone who seemingly shouldn’t does give in to the sexual temptation.

We live in a world where families are torn, stress is high, and happiness is hard to get. So it is no surprise that so many are trying to grab their happiness with sex. There are many prices to pay for these activities, but as you see, there are also many rewards.

When all is said and done and the dust settles, you will realize that the people involved are human beings who made mistakes. It may cost them their families and their careers which could be a form of self hatred and punishment. Though there are definitely benefits, there will be pain. And the self abuse will often continue. The worse people feel, they more they act out, whether they realize it or not.

About the Author

Deborah Schurman-Kauflin, Ph.D.

Deborah Schurman-Kauflin, Ph.D., is a criminal profiler and expert on serial crimes.

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