School Shooters Put Bull's Eye on Children

The motivations of school shooters.

Does Criminal Profiling Work?

Criminal profiling works.

Gay Relationships Can Be More Stable Than Straight Ones

A convenience sample shows gays can have more stable relationships than straight people.

How Serial Killers Get Away With Their Murders

The ways serial killers evade detection

You Don’t Have To Ruin Your Holidays To Make An Abuser Happy

You don't have to put up with your family during the holidays

Profiling Terrorist Leaders

The common background factors of terror leaders

Autistic Kids Are Magnets for Ghosts

Do autistic children really see ghosts?

Ghosts And Spirits Can Be Beneficial To Your Mental Health

Belief in spirits can be life altering in a positive way.

Don't Hate Yourself Because You Are Fat

Overweight people adopt society's hateful view of themselves, and they must learn to love themselves instead.

Sadistic Killers

Sadistic murderers are the most frightening of killers but the most easy to profile.

Terrorist Followers

A brief review of the terrorist follower mindset

The Weight Hate

Hate speech against overweight people is dangerous

Immigrants Have a Lower Crime Rate

There is a misconception that immigrants commit more violent crimes than those born in the U.S.

Lesbians In Trouble

Bigotry and hate make reporting rapes difficult for lesbians.

Making fun of fat people

Making fun of overweight people is one of the last socially accepted forms of bigotry.

Psychic Mediumship in Law Enforcement

I was a criminal profiler for almost 20 years—and a secret psychic medium.

Is Your Lover a Pervert?

How certain sex preferences are dangerous and can lead to violence.

Serial Sex

The lure of sex brings down celebrities and the rich and powerful.

You Are Not a Failure

You are not a failure and deserve happiness. How to define yourself and find joy.

Why You Don't Always Have to Forgive

Sometimes you cannot forgive and must focus on surviving and self healing in order to have a better life.

Killing the Disabled

The disabled are better off dead. They suck up resources and contribute little to society. Shouldn’t we consider the impact of keeping the disabled going? These are the frightening words which I hear with more and more frequency, and they are absolutely sickening.

Dying Inside

I am sorry you have found your way to this article because more than likely, you are reading it because you are suffering. In an instant, your life changed forever.

Murder Is Not Entertainment

Murder is not entertainment. Naturally you may disagree with me if you turn on almost any television network and find reenactments, real video, and actors portraying the most heinous crimes.

What Predators' Wives Really Know

In this world, there are untouchable individuals who actually get sympathy for their atrocious behavior. Like skilled actors, they use their sad eyes as shields from pointed questions when dark deeds come to light.