I had one of those "Ugh, will you just look at me" body days a few weeks ago.

You know, the kind that leave you feeling more frumpy than fabulous, more alarming than charming and more out-of-sorts than out-of-this-world. The hard truth hit me when I found myself wearing a green sweatshirt that was two sizes too big and my red hair seemed a lot more blazing than usual. We're talking Bozo-like status here.

It's times like these that I like to take stock in the GOOD things about myself - it's far too easy to get caught up in the things we can't change and only see them as these big, bad negative things. Newsflash: It doesn't have to be like that. Think about what you like about yourself and what is beautiful about your body. Here are some of my ideas ... send me yours too!

Your Brain
Once more with feeling ... the brain is, hands down, the heart of you. Heck, it's what makes you, well, YOU! So, go ahead and show off that noggin of yours!

Your Eyes
I never used to be an ‘eye' person. Half the time, I never even noticed the color of people's eyes, let alone cared. But the more I looked, the more I saw it: the eyes are the windows to your soul. Deep blues. Radiant greens. Mysterious greys. They all tell a glorious and wondrous story.

Your Freckles
I have freckles all up and down my arms and across my nose. I used to think they were pesky leopard spots, but now I just love to look at them because they remind me of my father. It's funny how something as small (literally and figuratively) as freckles can become such a part of you, isn't it?

Your Big Feet
I don't have big feet (imagine how that would look on my short frame!), but my mother does (a size 12 in men's, actually). They remind me that my grandfather is with me every day, even though he lives 1,000miles away.

Your Unique Nose
Aren't you tired of all these celebrities (read: We know the truth, Ashlee Simpson) ‘fixing' their noses? What's wrong with having pride in your own nose, largeness be damned!

Your Spunky Sense of Humor
Now, I've been known to say a zinger or two in my day (look for a column on that in the coming weeks), and if you need proof, just ask my mother. But, I love my sense of humor. Why? Because it's unique. Because it's memorable. And, of course, because it's authentically me. That's what's so great about people's sense of humor; it's so characteristically them, and reflects their personality perfectly.

Which brings me to the most important reason to LOVE your body...

It's Your Own
Just think about it: There is no one else in the world like you. No one that walks like you do. No one that talks like you do. No one who is as wonderful and caring and amazingly authentic as you are. So why wouldn't you want to celebrate YOU for you? I've had times of self-doubt and maybe even a little crisis in self-confidence (shocking, isn't it?), but if you don't love you for you, then who will?

So, tell me, what do you like about your body?

About the Author

Melissa Blake

Melissa Blake is a normal 20-something living with an abnormal disorder.

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