An Oasis of Dignity: Three Powerful Commencement Lessons

I was asked to deliver the commencement speech at Landmark school last Friday. My message to the graduates was simple. I told them that they needed to remember three lessons. These would apply to the next phases of their education, and to all people from all walks of life.

Lockdown: Reflections While Bombing Suspect Hid In Watertown

My neighborhood was put on lockdown as the manhunt for the suspected Boston bomber took place. I spent the day thinking about the lessons I'd learned from the people in Watertown and surrounding communities.

What Is the Real Meaning of Dignity?

There is always an immediate recognition to the word and importance of "dignity," but when I ask people to define it the conversation falters. Dignity is not the same as respect.

Why It’s So Hard to Be Decent Human Beings

If only we knew a little more about what we are all up against as members of our species, struggling to maintain our dignity. It turns out that our biology has a lot to do with that struggle.

Looking for Leadership?

Since the September release of my book, Dignity, I have given many talks to a variety of different groups. When it came time for audience participation, inevitably, someone would raise a question about the quality of political leadership in the US and how undignified the politicians were behaving.

Diversity and Dignity

My friend, Maya McNamara, works with at-risk youth. Having been trained in the dignity model, she had an instant reaction to an event that took place among her students when fights broke out between different ethnic groups.

Why Dignity Matters

In spite of its universal appeal, dignity is a topic that rarely gets discussed.