Mack Hicks

Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better

Do our observations of gender differences hold up to scientific inquiry?
Mack Hicks

How We Can Help Fix Our Public Schools—Now

In our efforts to send every child to college, we are harming kids from the lower socio-economic class.
Mack Hicks

Should Little Boys Wear Lipstick?

How similar are boys and girls? Should we cross-dress them?
Mack Hicks/ Tampa

Let Them Eat Cake, Part 2: Just Change Social Class?

If kids from the lower social class want career education and (heavens!) vocational school, let them have it. Maybe they would like a job, too.
mack hicks, Tampa

Let Them Eat Cake, Part 2: Just Change Social Class?

Since poor kids have trouble learning, why not just change social class? It's not that easy.
Mack Hicks

Do Education Elites Forsake Poor Students?

Educational failure is paved with good intentions, but what about working-class families? Do they pay the price for elite decisions?
Mack Hicks

School Reform? Let Them Eat Cake!

Is force-feeding advanced academics really a good idea?

The Road to Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions

Is our benevolent desire for everyone to be equal really a good idea? Or is it kind of dumb? Will Harvard have room for all of us?
Mack Hicks

Digital Pandemic Part II

Is the digital life fit for humans? How to cope and how to benefit.
Mack Hicks

School Reform: Forcing American Kids to Walk the Plank?

Are many American students walking the plank over black waters?

Uncovering a Hidden Factor in School Reform

Do kids from the lower social class deserve a chance? Of course they do, but how do we provide it?

School Reform: A Crisis of Expectations

Tired of the political battles over school reform? Time to take off the rose-colored glasses and end the blame game.

Does Your Child Need To See A Psychologist?

The idea that all children are pretty much the same is a great American Myth. Teachers need to discover their students' learning styles and personalities.

College and Mr. Gates

Bill Gates should be applauded for his generous donations to education, but his blanket call for 11 million college grads won't accomplish much, and could hinder career education.

Can We Afford to Reform Our Public Schools?

Can we really afford to fix our schools, even if we know how? Battles over teacher training, testing, and curriculum materials are only a few of the roadblocks. Will federal and state legislators work with entrepreneurs and businesses folks to provide money for reform?

Public School Problems Are Solved, Almost!

When all children are treated the same, all children lose. We need to overcome two damaging myths: that all children are pretty much the same and that all children should go to college.

Is College a Waste of Time and Money?

Did you go to college. Do you wish everyone would. Or was your time and effort in college a mistake?

School Reform: Looking in all the Wrong Places

A fresh look at school reform must recognize student differences, reassess high stakes testing, open up career studies, and challange the myth that all students should attend college.

All Kids Should Go to College: A Great American Myth

Is the push for all to attend college hurting college bound as well as career bound students?

How Selection and "Creaming" Create Killing Fields

Has our neighborhood public school population changed dramatically? Are we deserting our neighborhood students and leaving them without college prep or career skills?

Will Raising I.Q. Lead to Academic Success?

Should all children go to college? Do all children have the same potential? Can mental ability be raised?

What Happened to Love at First Sight?

Is there such a thing as logical love? Is romance caught up in the battle between the left brain and the right brain? Only fools rush in.
A Cure for Digital Withdrawal Disorder (DWD)

A Cure for Digital Withdrawal Disorder (DWD)

Dear old dad can help his kids overcome lonliness and withdrawal.

Donald Sterling: Bigot or Adolescent?

We protect impulsive adolescent behavior. Do we also give older folks a break when it comes to impulsive words or behavior?

Technology Is Here to Stay, Get Over It!

Addicted kids and addicted adults. Is addictive technology similar to reading a good book? Is our fascination with technology nothing new? Same old, same old? I don't think so.

Are Little Girls Bossy—and Big Girls Not Bossy Enough?

Do teachers encourage assertiveness and leadership skills in little boys at the expense of little girls?

Are Private Schools Bad for America?

Are parents deserting public schools? If so, what happens to the American melting pot? Will well-off parents support their local schools?

Who Stole the Right Side of Your Brain? Grinch—or Santa?

Test Q. How are Santa and the Grinch the same? A. They're both right-brainers!

My Mommy, the Robot

Now parents are free to raise children without limiting their own career opportunities --- and without guilt. Welcome to the world of digital parenting!

Giving to Charities: Science or Adam and Eve?

Are we really free to help others? Or is our hard-wired brain deciding for us?