How to Improve the Process of Your Next Project

To ensure great work, I needed to find a way to accelerate the process of cohesion, so I developed the Ways of Working Canvas...

3 Ways To Make Your Big Ideas Real

Insight. One of those often overused terms in danger of diminishing when used to describe almost any fact or piece of information.

Benefits to Unleashing Your Inner 5 Year Old

Unleash your inner 5-year-old.

Facebook Personalities

Over the past year, I studied what people were posting on Facebook and how often they were posting. What I found was quite revealing. There are four types of Facebook personalities. You may know some of them already but what you may not know is what’s hidden underneath the surface.
Bullying @ Work

Bullying @ Work

Bullying doesn’t just happen at school. It’s happening in the workplace. Whether it’s in an office or a football field, co-workers are bullying other co-workers.
Kicking Off a Team Meeting

Kicking Off a Team Meeting

First impressions count. In fact, within the first 30 seconds of meeting someone either in person or over the phone, the other person has already developed an impression of you.

Are You Working With A Sociopath?

Most people believe that sociopaths are dangerous criminals and, while that maybe true, there are many sociopaths that are not. You may not realize this but you probably are working with one. While a licensed professional can truly diagnose this disorder, the following are characteristics of a sociopath at work...

Video Interviewing 101

Since 2011, the use of video interviewing has risen by 49%. Chances are that your next interview will take place over the internet. To make sure you set yourself up for a successful video interview, here are top ten video interview tips that you need to know.
Happiness @ Work

Happiness @ Work

Whether it’s because of salary, job title, job responsibilities – you name it – many people are just not happy at work; especially, when they feel trapped that they can’t find another job. So I went on a quest to find out, "does happiness at work exist?" And when I say happiness, I do mean happy...

Working in a Hostile Environment

From finger pointing to co-workers that bully, at one point or another, we all have experienced working in a hostile environment. The question is: what do you do about it? Some folks would say “find another job” while others say “fight back." Irrespective of which route you choose, a hostile environment is emotionally draining.

How to Build Instant Credibility

Building credibility has more to do with your ability to tailor how you sell your expertise to your audience than demonstrating how well you are able to crunch numbers
Working with a Narcissist

Working with a Narcissist

Have you ever worked with someone who’s selfish, arrogant, and manipulative? If so, chances are you’re working with a narcissist...
Confessions of an Expat:  Language Barriers

Confessions of an Expat: Language Barriers

Many people would assume that there wouldn’t be language differences between England and America but sadly, they (like myself) are wrong.
The Power Seat:  Where You Sit Matters

The Power Seat: Where You Sit Matters

For the most part, we’ve all been exposed to group setting dynamics starting out with our family. As children we’ve learned to pick up on social cues to make sure we conform to the norms around us. One of these cues is known as the power seat, it’s the seat that we unconsciously designate as the one that has the most authority.
The Lego Game

The Lego Game

By analyzing the group, one can understand the power structure and build strategies on how one can best lead a new team or as a team-member, be more impactful.
Are You Addicted To Your App?

Are You Addicted To Your App?

You know who you are. Always checking your phone every five minutes even though you know nothing has changed since the last time you checked. Hitting the refresh button to see if someone new has appeared online or posted a new comment.

Detecting Liars at Work

From calling in sick because you’re hung over to saying that report is done when it’s not, many of us have, at one point or another, fibbed to our boss or co-workers about something. The question is how can you tell when people are lying to you?

Climbing To The Top

Progressing within a company is similar to rock climbing. It’s important to have great mentors and surround yourself with people that want to see you succeed. Also, keep in mind that moving up may mean that you move laterally. Just make sure that you know what you are getting yourself into; otherwise, you may be propelling onto a tree.
7 Signs of a Bad Leader

7 Signs of a Bad Leader

Many of us remember our worst leaders and for some of us we still are working with them. Below are 7 signs to find out if you are reporting into a bad leader. Feel free to respond with other signs that you think are worthy noting.

The Internet Effect

"...studies show a shift in us becoming more impatient the quicker information becomes easily available."
Working With a Type A Personality

Working With a Type A Personality

Many personality type assessment models like Carl Jung's Psychology Types, Myers Briggs Personality Types Theory, the DISC model, etc., have been developed over the years but the most commonly known out of these models is Andrew Goldsmith's Theory - Type A and Type B Personality.

5 New Work Habits For 2012

Now that we are back to the grind, the holidays seem like a distant memory. Most of us will be making New Year's resolutions this week but all know that keeping them will be harder than making them.

Top 5 Holiday Party Mistakes

Over these next few weeks, organizations will kick-off their company holiday party. And every year, there is someone that makes a big mistake they regret the next day. Here are the top 5 big mistakes you don't want to make during your holiday party.
Psychology 2.0:  Social Media at Work

Psychology 2.0: Social Media at Work

What are the psychological implications when companies block access to social networking sites at work?

Generations + Technology

Most folks don't think about this but our childhood experiences (good or bad) shape how we think and accept new concepts. That said, I've outlined below nostalgic experiences by generation that helps when considering new technology in an organization.

Birth Order in the Workplace

Research shows that birth order has a lot of influence on how we behave in the workplace. Whether we like it or not, we unconsciously create a family environment at work. Sometimes it resembles our personal family dynamic and sometimes it resembles the ideal family dynamic we never had.

The Psychology of LinkedIn

Online profiles have increased over the last two decades. Whether you're looking for love, reconnecting with friends, or finding a job, online profiles have become an essential tool in the digital age to market and brand yourself.
3 Steps To Stand Out @ Work

3 Steps To Stand Out @ Work

When we go shopping, we tend to buy products either because of our loyalty to the brand, the value the product offers, or have some sort of sentimental connection to the product.

Top 10 iPad Apps You Can’t Live Without

Top 10 iPad Apps You Can’t Live Without
5 Ways to Find the Perfect Candidate through Social Media

5 Ways to Find the Perfect Candidate through Social Media

Many people have psychologically separated social networking sites such as, LinkedIn is for business, Facebook is for home, and Twitter is for Gen Y. What people don't realize is that the separations of these sites are becoming blurred because hiring managers are looking at the entire candidate, and not just what's on a resume.