Heroism is an understudied area of research. Some of you know that I am exploring the impact of digital technology on heroism and the hero archetype.  To add to this body of research, a colleague and I have recently launched a new survey.   If you’ve ever wanted to contribute to scientific research this is your chance. The survey takes about 6 minutes to complete—In the time it takes to scroll through Facebook you can help us learn more about the evolution of heroism in the 21st century.  To participate, simply follow this link and use the case sensitive passcode HERO when prompted.  

The research result will be presented at the annual convention of the American Psychological Association in Washington, DC. Thank you for your help and as they say in Star Wars—May the Force Be With You!

Survey Link: http://www.fluidsurveys.com/s/hero/

Password: HERO


Special thanks to Ian McPherson for the Chaos Image: http://ianmcpherson.com/blog/?p=3827

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