Brain Wellness Takes a Quantum Leap

Soon, consciousness-hacking gyms may become mainstream.

Consciousness Hack 3: Kindness

Looking for an easy way to increases happiness and energy levels? An act of kindness can go a long way.

Why You Need to Play

Is being grown-up wearing you out? A quick life hack can go a long way.

Consciousness Hacking: 2017

By hacking consciousness, you can improve your life and raise our collective vibration.

Making Love with Your Bliss

Spring has sprung with a leap and a bound. Sooner it seems, than in previous years.

Fight Apathy With An Unselfish Selfie

Are calls for help from every direction bringing you down? Consider taking an unselfish selfie!

3 New Ways to Engage in Mindfulness

The science of mindfulness has touched so many areas of our lives: it's time to consider applying it to media and computing.

Choosing Hope Over Denial

Are you responding to the climate change conversation with resilience?

Hatch Your Creativity

Is it time to activate your creativity? Here's five factors to help you hatch!

Random Acts of Kindness Meets Road Rage

Positive psychology takes to the road in this new gadget designed to make the road a happier place.

Expanding the Heart While Educating the Mind

The Hippie gene has made its way into the Millennial’s DNA. The “old school” approach to work and education is not right for them. A Millennial would rather be a “freelancer” than a “cog-in-the-wheel” of so-called progress. Their highest aspiration is to become “independent freelancers and global citizens who make a difference in the world.”

Coca-Cola & Microsoft Spread #Cyberhero Meme

Coca-cola wins best Super Bowl commercial by reminding us that everything in life has an opposite, even cyberbullies.

Collaboration Expands Heroic Potential

ALS, Climate Change, Ebola: Millions of individuals are using the Internet to respond to crises facing our global village, ushering in the future of heroism.

Are You A Collaborative Hero?

Every time we so much as send a tweet we’re setting in motion a ripple effect: one with the power to topple dictators and transform our world.

Q & A: Violence and Video Games

We are healthier when we eat a balanced diet. This holds true in the world of media exposure. Limit your child's exposure to violent media just as you would limit their intake of junk food. Increase their appetite for healthy media that promotes character strengths and virtues.

When Crowd-Sourced Wisdom Becomes Collaborative Heroism

Unprecedented technological acceleration and innovation have changed the way we understand our world. As I write, researchers are scrambling to understand the impact of these technologies on the human body, our social interactions, and the natural world. Likewise, it’s important for us to recognize the many ways these technologies are impacting the human spirit.

Finding Hope Amid the Tragedy of Flight MH370

Although the search for flight MH370 has ended in tragedy, the search itself has been an incredible mirror of some of humanity’s greatest qualities. Rather than behaving as bystanders, over 3 million people joined the search online via Digital Globe. Their actions, in tandem with an international team of responders, is helping to expand our understanding of heroism.

Collaborative Heroism and You

The future of heroism is collaborative. You can participate today.

Disconnect to Save Lives

If you’re looking for a way to encourage your tweens and teens to monitor their digital habits, why not suggest they participate in UNICEF's Tap Project? Better yet, why not participate together? While you're at it, consider using the ten-minute smartphone hiatus to slowdown, breathe, and become more mindful of your surroundings.

Digital Altruism Goes Mainstream During Super Bowl

Right now you have the unprecedented opportunity to use your smart phone, tablet, or laptop, to engage in an altruistic act AND simultaneously download the new U2 song, "Invisible" on iTunes. Please take a few moments of your time to engage in digital altruism and join the fight to end AIDS.

Supercharging Your New Year's Resolutions

Did you know that your inner child is trying to help you live your dreams? We don’t listen to our inner child much, but once each year we make a list of New Year’s Resolutions. For many of us, this list is a cryptic letter from our inner child: a list of all the things we’d like to do, be, see, or experience.

Media Saturation & Your Health

Media and interactive technologies can be instruments that support self-awareness and wellbeing but only if we approach them consciously—paying close attention the ways we interact with them—everything from the time we spend in front of computers, to the programing we watch on television, to the video games we play. A conscious approach involves mindfulness and moderation.

Summer Advice for Grandparents

10 ways to build strong relationships with your grandchildren this summer!

The Cyber-bully vs. The Cyber-hero

Heroes are some of the best role models our children have. What, we might ask, would the world be like without them? A world populated solely by bullies? To answer this question we need travel no further than the online world of our tweens and teens. What we find there is an epidemic of cyberbullying.

Why Violent Media Matters

Children believe what they see on television, in movies, and in video games for the same reason they believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. My son believed their was a party in every box of Ritz crackers, what does your child believe?

Why Violent Media Matters

Children believe what they see on television, in movies, and in video games for the same reason they believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. My son believed their was a party in every box of Ritz crackers, what does your child believe?

May the Force Be With Us

Can Star Wars teach us something about the recent tragedy at Sandy Hook elementary? This blog post explores an infamous scene from Star Wars as a means to confront the unimaginable nightmare that unfolded in Newtown, CT.

Gratitude is Good Attitude

G is for Gratitude. As a fundamental building block of human happiness, gratitude is one of the most important things you can teach your children. Here are four easy ways to get started today.

Introducing the Cyberhero Archetype

As fast as the high speed Internet, more powerful than governments, able to cross the planet in a single click. Look, here on the Web, it's a friend, it's a stranger, it's a cyberhero. Yes, a cyberhero!