Am I Being Punished?

If we were punished for every mistake, it would for sure be a depressing world. None of us gets what we deserve, and that is usually a good thing.

Shame and Depression

Low on energy = low on activity. That is a sure fire path to feeling blue. How does a person deal with what seems like an inevitable failure of motivation and activity?

Get Out Of Depression, Get Into Your Senses

Stimulate your senses to lift depression.

Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys

When we try and control things that are not ours to control, it can result in more stress and problems than we anticipated.

Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys

When we try and be the ringmaster in someone else's circus, it can result in chaos and confusion. When we focus on our own circus and control the things that are ours to control, we find that life becomes much easier to manage.

Seasonal Affective Disorder: Tips to Overcome the Disorder

The first way to get ready for the holiday season is to check out your mood today.

Curling up With a Good Book Can Be a Mood Booster

Read! it will give your brain a boost!

Lighten Up Your Depression With a Movie

Whether the movie makes you laugh or brings you to tears, you might just feel a lot better.

A Memory of a Friend Can Lift You Up

Remembering Donna is an antidepressant.

Ready! Fire! Aim!

Knowing your goals before you start helps your brain recognize success.

Worry and Anxiety in Depression

Anxiety tries to be your friend in depression, but then it takes over. Learn to interrupt it!

When Self-Compassion Requires Self-Forgiveness

Learning to forgive yourself in 6 steps.

Self-Compassion: A Pathway to Eliminate Negative Self Labels

Develop self-compassion to stop being your own worst critic.

What to Do When You Are Your Own Worst Critic

What happens when you take over your family's role of criticizing yourself?

If at First You Don't Succeed – It May Be Time to Quit

Sometimes trying is trying too hard.

Aging and Depression

We can't avoid aging, but we can embrace it

Two Minutes to De-Stress

Get five ideas to take two-minute stress relief breaks in your hectic life.

Exiting Negative Neural Networks

For memory, as for weight training, repetitions are necessary to gain strength.

Until Now... Two Powerful Words You Can Use to Turn Self-Defeating Thoughts Around

Repetitive, doom-laden thoughts are common to depressed minds. Such thoughts are both a feature of depressed, out-of-balance neurochemistry and of the way that memory is networked.

Depression Dis-ables: Learn to Be Able Again

Many of the smartest, most talented people I have treated in my career were not feeling smart or talented when we met. Gifted, successful people do not see their abilities when they are depressed.