Freezing with Fear

Does scaring people about climate change lead them to freeze and do nothing in response? How to motivate action rather than inducing overwhelming fear.

Is Gun Violence Contagious?

The concept of contagion might not be the best way of understanding gun violence in the U.S. Here's why this matters.

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I Feel Your Pain—Is That a Problem?

Empathy is one of the greatest triumphs of humanity. Or is it? Find out why empathy is both great and terrible.

Why Are We So Obsessed with What's 'Natural'?

Wondering what people are talking about when they say they fear 'toxins'? Turns out an obsession with the "natural" is a fundamental feature of our psychologies.

My Four Big Mistakes

What should scientists do when they realize they've made a mistake?

Is Fear of Vaccines Culturally Determined?

What does cultural background have to do with risk perception and fear of vaccines?

Everything You Need to Know About Conflicts of Interest

Ever wonder if unconscious biases are affecting the way your doctor treats you? Here are a few ways to ensure that science and medicine get a handle on unconscious bias.

Everything You Need to Know About Conflicts of Interest

Are there conflicts of interest in science and medicine that don't involve money? Emotional conflicts of interest are less often considered but just as influential.

Everything You Need to Know About Conflicts of Interest

How do you know whether a conflict of interest is biasing your doctor? Why detecting conflicts of interest can be trickier than it may seem.

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Here's how you can get to the bottom of heated debates about solutions to the global energy crisis.

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3 Things to Say to Your Loved One Who Won’t Vaccinate

Does someone you love espouse unscientific views? Are you concerned for their health and security? Here are some ways to talk to them about your concerns.

How Scientists, Too, Can Be Stubborn and Wrong

Ever been troubled by a reversal in scientific opinion? Psychological biases may be part of the problem.

Why Do People Buy Guns?

Why do people own guns despite abundant evidence that having a gun in the home is unsafe? Some basic psychological instincts help explain what makes us ignore scientific evidence.