Living with Someone Living with Multiple Sclerosis

Illness of a spouse directly and continually challenges a marriage. How can caregivers support their loved one while also maintaining the loving reciprocity required of an intimate relationship?

What’s Wrong with Inaccurate Memory?

With laboratory research demonstrating numerous examples of incorrect memory and journalistic reports repeatedly emphasizing memory’s unreliability, how can we depend on our memories at all?

Appreciating the Delights of Wine

Wine has been described as “Earth’s answer to the sun.” A little preparation can bring out even more of its earthly delights.

Where Are Hollywood’s Women?

What are the facts about the number of women who direct movies? In a highly visible industry that strives to stay current, women are left out of the picture.

Explain Yourself!

We arrive late for a meeting – or miss it altogether. We perform poorly during an interview. We lose our temper over a trivial matter. We are inconsiderate to a friend. How do we explain ourselves?

Dogs That Go Bark in the Night

Even though there are larger problems to solve, the dog that regularly disturbs your sleep can become a serious problem. How can that problem be solved?

With Wine, You Drink What You Eat

The next time you smell a rose or eat a strawberry or drink a cup of tea, savor and remember. Those aromas and tastes are in your glass of wine.

Why Your Memory is Far Better Than You Think

We often forget and we frequently misremember, but we are also capable of remarkably accurate memory.

Doing Justice to Mandela’s Legacy

Many people remember Nelson Mandela’s transcendent wisdom in negotiating the stormy transition from apartheid to democracy, but few recall the remarkable events that followed.

Adventures in the Archive

The pages of history may be dry and dusty, but they reveal a provocative and colorful past.

Considering Gun Culture

The debate on guns and gun control is vitally important, but one word is shutting down a meaningful exchange of views.

Against "Evil"

Nearly every day, we see news reports about morally shocking behaviors – behaviors that seem to be explained only by the presence of evil. But what do we lose by invoking the concept of evil?