Questions About Libertarianism

Walter Block answers them.

In Defense of the LP

Randy Barnett is all wet.

Milton Friedman Was All Wet, Part 2

Milton Friedman was all wet on "intolerance," says Walter Block. Part 2 of 2.

Milton Friedman Was All Wet Part 1

The essence of libertarianism is its nonaggression principle. In order to determine whether some act or concept or institution is compatible with this philosophy, one may use this as a sort of litmus test.

Putting Lefties in Their Place

Contrary to Paul Krugman, the broken window fallacy Is a fallacy.

A Not So Funny Thing Happened to Me in Tampa

Walter Block on what went down.

Long, Thin Things

The marker versus the state on roads, powerlines, and more.

Come Home, Former Libertarian

You know you're not happy as a statist.

A Slim, Astounding Volume on Liberty

Ralph Raico's Classical Liberalism and the Austrian School.

Contra Left-Wing Libertarianism Part 3

In my previous posts on left-wing Libertarianism, I discussed Roderick Long. I now discuss two other thinkers.

Contra Left-Wing Libertarianism Part 2

Last week in Part 1, I discussed Roderick Long in regards to rape and the wage gap. We now continue with my analysis of Long and the problems with left-wing libertarianism.

May a Libertarian Take Money From the Government?

I get many, many letters from people on this very question, or closely related issues. And, for every letter of this sort I get, there are probably dozens of others who either do not take jobs they would relish, or do so, and feel guilty about this since they think they are violating libertarian principles.

The Case for Discrimination

In the days of yore, to say that a man was discriminating was to pay him a compliment. It meant that he had taste; he could distinguish between the poor, the mediocre, the good and the excellent. His ability to make fine distinctions enabled him to live a better life than otherwise.

All Hail the Miser

The miser has never recovered from Charles Dickens's attack on him in A Christmas Carol. Although the miser had been sternly criticized before Dickens, the depiction of Ebenezer Scrooge has become definitive and has passed into the folklore of our time.

10 Books of Influence

Here, with a few comments on each, are the top 10 books which have influenced me in my career as an Austro-libertarian economist.

Is "Academic Freedom" a Special Kind of Freedom?

From the name itself, academic freedom would seem to be innocuous enough. All it would seem to mean would be that academics, like anyone else, should have freedom. Freedom of speech, freedom to come and go, and freedom to quit a job. The usual freedoms that everyone has. Such is not the case, however.

The Privatization of Highways

I advocate the complete, total, and full privatization of all roads, streets, highways, byways, avenues, and other vehicular thoroughfares. And I am serious about this—deadly serious.

Ayn Rand Was Wrong

The relationship of libertarianism and religion is a long and stormy one.