Storm Rising

It’s impossible to escape the endless, breathless reporting of atrocities at home and abroad.


The “always on” lifestyle of today’s teens proffers images of happy, healthy young people propelled through endless days by a hyperkinetic force field allowing them to achieve almost anything. But lurking behind that façade may be something more sinister.

Young People, Not Alone in Their Despair

What is that cautionary tale? Things may not always—if ever—be as they seem.

Sibling Revelry

The qualitative gains of sibling relationships beg the question, “Do friendships forged at summer camp elicit the same positive outcomes?”

End Game

Skills employers say they're looking for can be learned by working at camp.

Troubled Waters

The nature and scope of youth suicide is changing, and not for the better.

Ebb and Flow

Overuse of technology by young people may result in distraction, stress and impaired performance. Help them find flow!

Cutting Their Losses, Raising the Stakes

If anything, the controversial case at UVA simply raised the profile of sexual violence and the stakes of figuring out a way forward.

Running On

Girls are on the run. But what are they running from? Or to?

Thanks for Thanksgiving

Amid family, friends, food and football lies a common appreciation for what unites us.

Cool Kids

Being popular may be losing popularity

Beautiful Boys

Addiction, recovery, and summer camp – four words that don't often appear together.

On Becoming

Teenagers are forming an identity to call their own. In short, they are all becoming someone and something.

The Afterglow

Summer camp helps kids form identity, achieve independence and make friends!

A User's Guide to Surviving Boarding School

Sending your child off to boarding school? Here's some advice from a veteran student.

Land of Hopes and Dreams

Students heading for college pose new challenges for families

Summer Solstice

America's stressed, overwhelmed and depressed teenagers need help

Good Will Hunting

Teens too often get a bad rap. Look at the positive change they are creating in their schools and communities.

A Perfect Storm

This is not your grandfather's marijuana ... it's more potent and more dangerous.

Hocus Pocus

Poof, just like that, hard-learned lessons of driving dangers disappear as teens take the wheel.

Worlds Colliding

Atop the heartache and head scratching loomed a nagging question—is suicide contagious?

When the Circus Came to Town

Lessons learned from Justin Bieber's Miami Beach meltdown.

Up in Smoke

Did we really believe the loosening of restrictions on marijuana sales, possession, and use were to have no effect on those we have tried so hard to protect? Not so much.

Leading From Behind

One does not always need the title or mantle of leadership to influence others profoundly.

Message In a Bottle

A number of national surveys reveal that prescription medications are being abused at a rate second only to marijuana among illicit drug users.

Fear Itself

A key to prevention is helping children to disconnect from feelings of shame and fear in order to engage in positive self-communication.

An Intentional Thread

With opening school bells ringing throughout the land, millions of young people are finding themselves the beneficiaries of mentoring by some of the most important adults in their lives.

Gone Baby Gone

Most teens who have had sex say they wish they had waited.

Car Talk

There is a lot parents can do to help young people navigate the sometimes tricky transition to college.

Quietly Making Noise

Are teenagers getting a bad rap? Probably!