Thinking About Non-Monogamy?

Emerging research suggests that non-monogamous relationships can be just as satisfying as monogamous ones.

How New Relationships Can Shift Your Priorities

What are the consequences of having conflicting goals with a new romantic partner? Is the relationship doomed, or is there room for compromise?

Breakup Strategies: The Brave and the Cowardly

Painful breakups can be made even worse by the way the breakup took place.
Office Space

How Breaking Up is Like Quitting Your Job

What do romantic breakups and employment "breakups" have in common? A lot, actually.

The Problem With (How We Treat) Highly Disciplined People

New research explores a potential downside of having high self-control.

How Do Romantic Relationships Get Under The Skin?

Indicators of a healthy relationship now can predict indicators of physical health 10 years later.

Choose Your Own (Romantic) Adventure

Choose Your Own Adventure stories aren't just for kids anymore.

The Truth About Make-Up Sex

Does conflict increase feelings of sexual desire?

What Happens When You Express Insecurities to Your Partner?

What is the healthiest way to deal with insecurities?

How to Give People Exactly What They Want

Get your partner what they want. Literally.

The Real Reason We Date People We Shouldn't

My colleagues and I recently explored one way in which dating decisions may get derailed.
Why Diamonds Aren't Forever

Why Diamonds Aren't Forever

For decades, the idea that spending a fortune on engagement rings and weddings is good for your relationship has gone untested and largely unchallenged. But recently, a pair of economists put De Beers et al. to the test.

The Truth About Rebound Relationships

Do rebounds help people get over their exes, or do they send people running back to their exes?

3 Myths About Bisexuality, Debunked by Science

Is bisexuality just a phase? Can bisexual people be faithful? Does bisexuality even exist? Research is working to combat the many myths and misconceptions about this sexual identity.

When Differences Can Make Your Relationship Stronger

You might expect differences between romantic partners to cause problems for the couple. Don’t birds of a feather flock together? But in fact, recent studies suggest that goal pursuit might be one area in which differences between romantic partners can nicely complement one another.

Good Parents Lead to Better Partnerships

People’s attachment styles can explain a lot about their behavior in their relationships. But where do these attachment styles come from? Recent research suggests that early parental care plays an important role in shaping the relationships we have later in life.

Relationship Investments as a Double-Edged Sword

When one partner invests time, energy, emotions, and other resources into the relationship, the other partner tends to appreciate that person more and is subsequently more willing to stay in that relationship.
Ten Research-Based Wedding Vows

Ten Research-Based Wedding Vows

As a romantic relationships researcher, here are the ten promises that my partner and I have decided to make to each other on our wedding day.

Four-Legged Support

Research suggests that owning a pet is a great way to feel more socially fulfilled, even for people who already have a number of meaningful relationships in their lives.

Could You Live Apart, Together?

Why would a long-term, committed couple opt to live apart rather than together? Research suggests that there may also be some meaningful benefits to living separately.

Self-Righteous Singles and Smug Married Couples

People have a tendency to judge other people's lifestyles, particularly their relationship decisions. Researchers have found that this judgment actually comes from a place of insecurity: we judge other people's choices to feel better about our own.

The Most Important Quality To Look for in a Partner

Find someone who responds sensitively to your feelings and your needs, and you are likely to have a much more rewarding relationship experience.
Mo' Money, Mo' Problems

Mo' Money, Mo' Problems

Couples frequently put off having children because they first want to be more financially secure. But might there be downsides to pursuing wealth before parenting?
You Said You Would Change!

You Said You Would Change!

The belief that people can change, while generally good for romantic relationships, may sometimes lead people to expect a bit too much of their partners.
Wanna Snag a Man?

Wanna Snag a Man?

Clearly, the relationship advice offered in this best-selling book is wildly popular. But is it scientifically sound?
Partner Ideals: Do They Matter?

Partner Ideals: Do They Matter?

People's lists of relationship "must-haves" tend to get thrown out the window when they encounter an attractive date.
Love Is Abstract, but Sex Is Concrete

Love Is Abstract, but Sex Is Concrete

A person’s frame of mind can have quite an influence on their romantic expectations.

You Are Who You Date

In efforts to gain the affections of an attractive potential dating partner, people are willing to take on the possible partner’s negative traits themselves.

How to Move Forward, Together

Common sense says that you should get a place that's in between you and your partner's places of work. But, according to recent research, you may want to choose a place that allows you to both travel to work in the same direction instead.

How to Get Over an Ex

Breakups can be hard, especially when you’ve developed a close bond. Luckily, there are some things you can do to help you to move on.