The Ethics Office of the American Psychological Association recently closed a longstanding ethics complaint against Dr. John Leso without taking any disciplinary action — despite extensive documentation of his involvement in cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment at Guantanamo. I offer my perspective on the APA’s position in the cartoon below. A larger version is also available online here:

Thus far APA’s stance has prompted many individual expressions of outrage and concern, as well as detailed statements from at least three groups — Psychologists for Social Responsibility, the Coalition for an Ethical Psychology, and APA’s own Division 39 (I am a member of the first two organizations).

APA’s governing body, its Council of Representatives, has the authority to review the actions of the Ethics Office if it so chooses. Answers are needed to important questions about the procedures and priorities that produced this disturbing precedent-setting decision in the Leso case.


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