What else have we learned?

We learned that some of the more conservative autism organizations are beginning to recognize genetics and diagnosis do not explain what is going on.  The CDC is last to the party; though they are beginning to move — a bit — acknowledging that there may be an environmental component.  But the agency still states in 2012 that vaccines “absolutely cannot be a contributing factor”.  Of course, in 1958 the CDC stated, “smoking does not cause cancer”, so they tend to be a little bit behind in acknowledging causality.

We are also learning that autism is not just a neurological condition.  Many, if not most, of the kids have immune system troubles, gut issues (more on this in a future post), seizures, and other medical maladies.  And when these underlying medical problems are treated, voilá, the symptoms of autism improve.  Clearly, more kids are autistic and becoming autistic.  If diagnosis does not explain the increase — or to be conservative — all of the increase, then we have a problem.  And it is a growing problem that will continue to get worse till the powers that be get serious in their investigations.  Something we are doing, to ourselves, is causing this.


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