Holding Hands

As Fathers Day 2015 approaches, I am thinking about Fathers Day 2008. That’s when my son Alex came to live with me in Manhattan. I am thinking that Alex (age 9 in 2008) on his first day in the city would walk down the streets and in the parks holding my hand as I showed him around.

Tell Me About Autism

A few weeks ago a friend asked me if his daughter could interview me about autism.

Words and Deeds

How many of us have a lifetime intention? Think about that for a minute. Many of us may have a daily intention (e.g., go shopping, clean the house, hit the gym) and some even a stage of life intention (e.g., "I need to get more sleep, land that new job, go back to school and earn a degree or get advanced training"). But how many have, truly have a lifetime intention?

Autism as Opportunity

A few years ago I started to take yoga classes. Initially it was to help with my fitness routine, running, triathlon and such, as I get a bit older. Keep the flexibility and all. But it has taken on a life of its own, and is a prime factor in keeping me positive, fit and helping me become more present, engaged and balanced in life.

The Bees and Autism

We need to heed the bees

The Relationship Realm and Autism

Trying to have a relationship when you are a single sole custody parent!

The iPad and Autism

Recently my fellow NAA NY Metro board friends and I presented at the Apple Store in SoHo on “using the iPad to learn and communicate”. The feedback and turnout was amazing, indicating the real need for tools to help with communication for our non-verbal kids. I am blogging my presentation to get out some of the information to those who could not make it.

Autism, Keep it Positive!

Keeping it positive. Autism, moving and intentional engagement.

Autism: A Punch To the Gut?

IT seems from all this that the increases in the neuro & autoimmune conditions may be linked by GI. Long thought to reside in the brain, perhaps all the trouble, or the cause of these conditions lies in the stomach/GI tract.

So what Happened to Alex?

When speaking, I talk about how Alex was developing normally until the age of three. Without fail I am asked, so what happened to Alex?

So My Son Ran Today

So my son with autism ran from home today, first serious "gone missing" which required police intervention...

Welcome to the Club Nobody Wants to Join

My goal for this presentation / blog is to have parents adopt the mindset of Transformation rather than Coping. To do so, I will convey the Tools of Transformation

Transformation vs. Coping

Raising a Child on the Spectrum: One Dad’s journey of Transformation.

“Majority” Autism and Hard Core Happiness

The face of autism and transformation by the hands of the difficult

Is NYC friendly to the autism community?

Is NYC friendly to those with autism, or do they just want us to leave?

The Wheels on the bus – only in NYC

The wheels on the bus go round and round Round and round Round and round The wheels on the bus go round and round Unless you live in New York City

The Wheels On The Bus

Special Needs busing in NYC

What Have We Learned? - part three of three

What we will be learning $oon

What have we learned? – part two of three

1 in 88: What else have we learned these last few years?

What have we learned?

Three years ago, we took a look at the increasing incidence of autism and calculated that it had been growing anywhere from 12% to 15% per year over the last couple of decades.

1 in 88, coming soon. To all.

It would be nice if the folks running for President even discussed this for a brief moment.

Hope on the Beach

Last month I went, for the first time, to the annual National Autism Association conference in St. Petersburg Beach, Florida. For those of you parents who have yet to attend this or a similar conference I highly suggest you do so for two reasons, information and hope.

The Cab Ride

Our ride this day was not so adventurous so Alex began to stim, making some sounds, nothing much, but clearly audible as I noticed our driver steal the occasional glance

The Navy SEALs of Parenting

Frequently people ask, “what’s it like to have a kid with autism?”

The Autism "Growth Rate"

Friends of mine were over for dinner last night, a rare occasion, but Alex was in a great mood these last few weeks - he is immensely better when the weather is cooler

Autism and 9/11: The Challenges Faced by a Single Dad

On the anniversary of 9/11 I am remembering many things about that day. As a New Yorker, I recall the day itself, those I know who perished, and the eerie still of the great city.

So, What Happened to Alex?

I am often asked what I think happened to Alex.

The Autism Abyss

Welcome to my blog. I will be writing on the day-to-day challenges and triumphs in the world of autism from a single dad's perspective. Let me first introduce you to my son, Alex