Type A individuals are hard-driving, competitive, and full of energy.  For the most part, these are successful people, but early research suggested that there may be a toll.

Type A is also referred to as the Coronary-Prone Behavior Pattern. The competitive drive, characteristic of Type As, may come at a price: greater risk of coronary heart disease. Subsequent research, however, suggests that the Type A-heart attack risk might not be so strong, and other factors may be involved.

But what about having a Type A boss? How can this affect you at work?

In all likelihood, you know if your boss is a Type A or not. Focused intensely on achieving goals, your boss is nonstop energy and motion. It’s all about producing, achieving or exceeding goals, and getting things done.

What this means for you. 

A Type A boss will likely assume that you are the same as he/she is—hard-driving, competitive, and focused on getting lots done. He or she may expect total dedication and a willingness to work overtime, if necessary.

What to do about it?

Secure Your Boundaries.

Don’t get sucked into nonstop working. Set boundaries about working hours and how much overtime you are willing to invest (if any).

Set Clear Performance Goals. 

Sit down with your overachieving boss and work to set realistic goals for your work output. Your boss may try to set the goals higher than you are willing or able to produce but negotiate realistic and achievable goals. Regularly review goal attainment so that your boss always realizes that you are performing up to agreed standards.

Enjoy (and Perhaps Profit From) the Ride.

If you manage your Type A boss you may find great benefits. Research shows that Type As are successful in terms of performance goals and profitability. If your Type A boss has good leadership qualities, you may be part of a successful and profitable team.​

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