5 Epic April Fool’s Pranks and the Psychology Behind Them

There are psychological reasons why we fall for April Fool's pranks, and these 5 are among the best.

The 4 Pillars of Great Leadership

Over 100 years of research on leadership has clearly determined the keys to leader success. There are four key factors that make a leader effective, and here they are.

5 of the Oddest-Ever Psychology Experiments

Over the years, psychologists have come up with some ingenious experiments in an effort to study human behavior. Here are some of the oddest psychological studies ever conducted.

Are Most of Us Touch Deprived?

From professional "cuddlers" to the massage craze, are we touch deprived? Why do we pay to be touched?

How Much of Us is Born Versus Made?

One of the most fundamental questions in psychology is whether our behaviors and our personalities are born or made. How much is genetically determined, and how much is the product of our environment? Here is what research tells us about being great athletes, parents, leaders, and lovers.

What Is Your Life Goal? 5 Personal 'Bottom Lines'

Organizations measure their success based on measurable, “bottom line” variables. What about people? What are you striving for? What gives your life meaning? Here are personal bottom lines.

5 Ways That Men’s Friendships Differ From Women’s

How different are men's and women's friendships? There are at least 5 important ways that friendships among men differ from friendships among women.

5 Things You Need to Know About Body Language

If you want to become a “master” of nonverbal communication, there are some things you need to know.

Top 5 Questions About Psychology and Sports

There is a surprisingly large amount of research on the psychology of sports. Here are the top 5 questions that are asked about the psychology of sports.

What Do Your Tweets Reveal About You?

It makes sense that we could tell something about someone’s political leanings based on their Twitter rants, but can we tell more about a person from their tweets?

10 Steps to Developing Your Leadership

For over 100 years, social scientists have studied leadership and what makes leaders effective. Here are the ten steps to developing your core leadership competencies.

Which Type of Perfectionist Are You?

Research on perfectionism suggests that there are both adaptive and maladaptive forms of perfectionism.

5 Ways a College Education Changes Lives

There has been a lot of discussion about the rising costs of higher education, and whether a college degree “is worth it.” However, beyond the economics, there are other important reasons that a college degree matters, and how it can change your life.

The 5 Warning Signs of a Toxic Work Environment

Each year, Fortune Magazine publishes a list of the best companies to work for, but what about the worst workplaces? We know what makes a workplace great—good pay, benefits, outstanding leadership, good colleagues—but what are the signs of a really bad company? Here are some of the key warning signs of toxic work environments.

Are You Psychologically Ready to Retire?

The key questions here are: Will you be happier retired or working? Will you be psychologically and physically healthier retired or working? Are you psychologically prepared to retire? Will you live longer if you retire?

5 Ways to Make Your Partner a Better Person

Many of us turn to psychology to try to make our own lives better. However, there are a number of proven psychological strategies that will help make our partners and loved ones better. Here are five strategies, the psychology behind them, and how to use them.

5 Rules For Achieving New Year’s Resolutions

What is your New Year’s resolution? Is it learning a new skill, developing healthy and rewarding relationships, or having success in your job or career? Regardless of the resolution, there are proven ways to succeed, and it is important to understand and use them.

Top 5 Reasons People Are Unhappy at Work

Annual surveys of workers tell us that job satisfaction has been on a continual and gradual decline since the 1980s. Less than half of U.S. workers say they are satisfied with their jobs. What are the top reasons for unhappiness at work?

The 100 Best Jobs. Is Yours On the List?

The U.S. News publishes a listing of the best jobs each year based on salary, job security, and potential for work-life balance. What are the top jobs in the U.S., and where is your job on the list?

4 Ways Your Boss Could Ruin Your Work Career

No matter how hard you try to advance in your job, there are several ways that your boss can ruin your work career – some are obvious, some not so. How to keep your boss from sabotaging you and to keep your career on track.

Why Christmas Comes and Goes So Quickly

Doesn’t it seem like it was just Christmas a few months ago? Years seem to fly by more quickly the older we get. What is the best explanation for why time goes faster as we age?

Leadership (and Life) Lessons From a Hamburger Stand

While other fast-food restaurants exploit workers and cut corners, In-N-Out pays high wages, offers benefits, and focuses on quality. What is their recipe for success, and what can we learn from them about treating others with respect and regard?

Adult Bullying: It’s More Common Than You Think

We most often think of bullies in the classroom or the workplace, but bullying can occur in other places, including the home (in the family) or in the neighborhood. Why might you be a target for bullies, and what can you do about it?

The Secret Nonverbal Powers of Touch

We are all aware of the sensual power of touch, and the role that it plays in sexuality. However, there are many other ways that touch can be used to affect people, both positively and negatively.

Which is Better? Christmas Party or Bonus?

How should an employer spend that Xmas money? Which will have the greater effect, a bonus or a party?

How and Why Power Corrupts Men More Than Women

We have all heard the phrase “Power corrupts,” but how strong is the relationship between possessing power and becoming corrupted by it? Research suggests that it is so powerful that very few people may be immune to the corrupting effect of power.

The 4 Elements of Transformational Leaders

What makes the best leaders so effective? Outstanding leadership and great parenting have similar elements.

6 Body Language Superpowers

There are certain body language (i.e., nonverbal communication) skills that everyone possesses in lesser or more amounts. Some people are masters of certain skills, others possess different nonverbal skills.

Which Children Are The Best Liars? How About Adults?

What predicts who will be more successful at deception? Certain people are able to use body language in ways to make them more successful liars.

4 Reasons Why Your Personality May Not Matter

How much of our behavior is caused by our personalities, and how much is caused by other factors? You might be surprised by when, how, and why personality doesn't matter.