Years ago we brought the top leadership experts together for a 2-day conference. We asked them to give us the “Best Practices” for effective leadership. This is what they told us:

The Vision Thing. Inspire team members with a compelling vision – one that is consistent with members’ ideals and values. Use consultation and collaboration to get team members committed to goals.

Stimulate Creativity and Innovation. Using the shared vision, encourage innovation and creativity. Creativity training (there are many such programs) can help.

Create High-Functioning Teams. Define team members’ roles and foster successful interdependence. Define goals and measure outcomes. Use coaching to help teams coordinate and to facilitate team performance.

Develop Cultural Intelligence. Leaders should champion diversity, be flexible and adaptable, and be sensitive to the multi-cultural nature of today’s work teams. Training and good mentoring can lead to better understanding of members form diverse backgrounds.

Lead Proactively. This comes from crisis expert, Ian Mitroff: imagine worst-case scenarios and prepare the organization for such instances. For example, in the wake of school and workplace shootings, many are practicing emergency lockdowns. Leaders in business should be prepared for all kinds of emergencies and crises.

Lead Ethically. Work to create a positive ethical climate. Set an ethical example and encourage ethical behaviors in others.

To learn more, read the book: The Practice of Leadership

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