How Do You Run a Successful Research Lab?

How to conduct an ideal laboratory for productivity and creativity. Lessons on science and leadership and what I wish I knew when I started a tenure-track position with little guidance.

The First Myth About Positive Emotions

Learn about one of the big myths about positive emotions. Don't make the same mistakes that the majority of authors, journalists, and scientists are making.

What Do Scientists Know About Finding a Purpose in Life?

Purpose in life: heavy, beautiful, and of paramount importance.

10 Interesting Facts About Romantic Dating

Get information from a large, never to be published dataset on people's attitudes and behavior in romantic relationships

Psychological Strength Research That Everybody Needs to Know

New research puts two psychological treatments of depression to the test. Should we choose a treatment that capitalizes on people's strengths or one that compensates for their deficits and weaknesses? Both make sense. The beauty of science is that we can compare these approaches. Find out the results.

Why We Should Allow 10% of Students to Dislike Teachers

It is unacceptable to expect innovative teachers with tough standards to be loved by all students. Some suggestions for improving how we evaluate teachers.

What Your Emotions Are Really Telling You, If You'll Listen

Get access to one of the newer topics in psychology - emotion differentiation, clarity, and complexity. Life is more than whether we feel negative or positive emotions, it is about how we describe, label, understand, regulate, and use these emotions.

10 Psychological Strengths, Including the Most Valuable 2

What if we put 10 psychological characteristics that have been previously linked to well-being in direct competition? which would win? Check out this "in press" research study that has yet to be released to the public

7 Tips for Applying to a Psychology PhD Program

the unwritten, behind the scenes wisdom for getting into graduate school. share these tips with anyone you know applying to a PhD program in (clinical) psychology.

10 Mind-blowing Books from 2014

Every year I post the top 10 books that I digested for the year. This was the best year of reading that I can remember. Expect to find a few that are off the beaten path. enjoy!

Three Benefits of Gratitude and the Neglected, Sweet Pain

one big problem with the science of gratitude. Researchers have ignored the fear, embarrassment, and sadness that often accompany the expression of gratitude to another person.

The Secrets of Well-Being from Deepak Chopra & Charles Koch

What I learned about well-being from conversations with members of the Deepak Chopra Foundation and the Charles Koch Institute in the same week.

The DSM: 4 Mindless Benefits & 1 Mindful Benefit

Therapists and health professionals have granted the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) unprecedented power. This book offers the definitions as to whether or not you will be designated as someone with a psychological disorder. With this power, it is worth peeking inside at some of the big problems...

What Makes a Great Public Speaker?

Lessons on how to be a great public speaker and what crushes the spirits, dreams, and souls of an audience who give the gift of undivided attention

A Secret Weapon in Preventing Anxiety and Depression

What have we learned in the past 5 years to better understand who develops and ends up being resilient to anxiety disorders? substance use disorders?

11 Reasons that Combat Veterans With PTSD Are Being Harmed

I believe PTSD is a real psychiatric disorder and that veterans who suffer from it deserve all the appropriate treatment and safety net help that they need. That said, current Veterans Administration policies encourage misrepresentation and invalidism, rather than recovery and reentry into the workforce. Read on....pass it on...

Forgiveness: How Much Responsibility Does the Victim Have?

When we are unable to distinguish the causes and consequences of forgiveness, happiness, creativity, and other abstract, beautiful concepts, we are unable to understand them. If we are unable to understand them, we cannot cultivate them.

Three Reasons Why Revenge Is Okay and Forgiveness Is Easy

In the aftermath of terrorism, killings, and suicide, the act of forgiveness can seem superhuman. We glamorize parents who can forgive someone who can kill their child. While we should honor this virtuous act, let me offer insights into the simple mechanics of forgiveness. Let me show you how forgiving is truly a psychological strength but one that is bred in our bones.

Are You Really an Introvert or Extrovert?

You know less than you think you know about introversion and extraversion. You have been trained to choose one or the other, or more recently, you might have read about ambiverts. I offer a close look at another group that isn't quite as simple to categorize. Learn about this group and you will gain a leadership edge.

16 Ways to Motivate Anyone

You are going to assert your values whether they make you happy or miserable. So will your kids. So will your employees. Here are 16 different desires that motivate people to take action. Once you learn how people prioritize these 16 desires, you will know how to optimally motivate them.

How Can a 16-Hour Day Be Optimized For Maximum Happiness?

Scientists have been conducting moment-to-moment analyses of thousands of working adults. From this, they recently constructed the perfect schedule for a 16-hour day…to be happy. Compare your typical day to this recent discovery...

What Is the Simplest Strategy to Increase Your Well-Being?

There are dozens of strategies being tested and written about for how to increase your well-being. What is given minimal attention is effort and efficiency. Can eating ice cream be as good as meditating on what you are grateful about?

Why Do People Kill Themselves? New Warning Signs

For decades, scientists have been trying to understand and predict who is going to go beyond talking about death to actually killing themselves. Here are a few predictors that might help us all in stopping someone and in the end, save lives

You Are What You Listen to

New research suggests that our musical preferences offers a window into our personality. Whats on your smartphone? The Jesus Lizard? Coltrane? Huey Lewis and the News? Bob Dylan? Led Zeppelin? Ludacris? Lynyrd Skynyrd? Prince? Read on to figure out what this says about you....

What Is Sexually "Normal?" Rethinking Pain and Pleasure

Recent research suggests that what is considered sexually normal is more varied and sophisticated than what is being discussed by writers, journalists, and psychologists. Take a voyage through the love-hate relationship with the DSM-V and more.

Ten Unwritten Rules for Success in Graduate School

A successful mentor relationship in graduate school is one of the keys to success. But how can you make this happen? In this blog post I offer 10 bits of wisdom from several scientists in the field who share their love and pain...

What Causes Depression? Myths About Chemical Imbalances

A new look at depression: challenging the chemical imbalance model of depression.

5 Psychological Studies that Require a Second Look

Lessons learned from some of the psychological research in my laboratory. Not all published studies are equal in their contribution. Some studies should raise skepticism instead of confidence. This is my fair, naked assessment of science—the good, bad, and the ugly.

Why are Deepak Chopra & EMDR Important for Science and Life?

Pseudoscience wastes time and resources and leads to public skepticism of science. If you care about your health and that of people suffering from psychological problems, read on. This is a battle that needs to be fought.

The 9 Mind-Bending Books of 2013

The best books to read over the next year.