Gratitude, Death, Resilience, and Thanksgiving

A personal odyssey of mixed emotions on Thanksgiving. Gratitude, sadness, serenity, loneliness, love, and a few shades between. Open, emotional expression as a portal to personal growth.

Clues to When CEOs and Politicans Are Lying to You

Fresh off the scientific presses are three clues about when somebody is lying to you. When is a CEO lying to you? When is a politician lying to you? There are three types of word use that increase the probablity you are about to be deceived. Read this or risk being a victim.

The Problem with Happiness

The United States is obsessed with happiness (same goes for a number of other countries in the world). There are cultural pressures to be happy. But has anyone considered what this pressure to be happy does to people? Read on for the science that shows the folly of organizing your life around trying to be happy.

Don't Be Fooled by Scientists, Data, Statistics, and Sexy Women

Somebody, perhaps Mark Twain, said "There are lies, damned lies, and statistics." Read a brief primer on how scientists can fool you with their data, statistics, and sexual images. The focus is on a recent blog pointing out that supposedly, the size of a woman's breasts tell us the likelihood that a man will stop to pick them up. I will walk you through some blatant misinterpretations.

5 Key Things We've Learned About Regret

Regret is common. Whether we acknowledge these feelings to others is a separate issue. I will tell you why I am always scared when people tell me they have no regrets. Learn five separate scientific discoveries about regret. Read this post and send it to everyone in your life who says they don't regret anything.
Why Does Religion Persist? A Look at Bizarre Ideas, Hypocrisy, and God's Obsession with Sex

Why Does Religion Persist? A Look at Bizarre Ideas, Hypocrisy, and God's Obsession with Sex

As a psychologist, the most interesting questions about religion have nothing to do about whether or not God exists. Instead, I am interested in the benefits, costs, and struggles of people grappling with the confusion and randomness of the human condition. Why do some people turn to religion while others do not? What function does religion serve? What happens when religious convictions are challenged? How well integrated is a person's religion in their everyday life?What would it take to leave antiquated superstitions behind?

Does Money Influence Happiness? Depends on How You Spend Your Cash

Does money buy happiness or unhappiness? The answer cannot be told in a ridiculous 30-second soundbite. If you want to delve into the complexity of this issue, read on. Science has a great story to tell. Looking forward to the debate...

Imagine a Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing Where Senators Show Strengths & Cojones

Who has not been amazed that over the past 20 years, Supreme Court nominees can essentially evade questions about any value or belief they hold? Senators can be uninformed, mindless slaves to their party or the breeze of public opinion without any recourse. Is it possible to modify how confirmation hearings are conducted? Read on for ideas on what's wrong, what we need, and ideas for improving how we decide who gets promoted to the highest court in the land...

What Republicans, Democrats, and Everyone Else Need to Know About Morality

We think that our morals arrive from deep, deliberate, rational thought. We think it is primarily due to our religion and our parents. Science has discovered that there is much more to the story. And it is a damn interesting story...

We Need Psychologists in Government and the White House Inner Circle

A plea to bring scientists into government. A plea for psychologists to be part of the White House cabinet. An argument for why people who are trained pseudo-quasi experts in human mental functioning and behavior are the quintessential people to help government operate effectively. Please pass this on to anyone and everyone you know. I have lofty aims for this blog post. I want to make some serious changes to how we select leaders of the most powerful country in the world.

Science Shows You Can Die of Boredom, Literally

The more bored you are, the more likely you are to die prematurely. The science is in. If survival is important to you, if seeing your grandchildren is important to you, don't miss this blog post.

Can Two Tylenol a Day Keep Rejection and Heartbreak Away?

If emotional pain is processed in the same way as physical pain, then perhaps the same strategies to diminish physical pain might be equally effective when we feel excluded, rejected, or ostracized. Think analgesic drugs. Think Tylenol and Excedrin (with the active ingredient called acetaminophen). A few researchers tested this wacky idea....

What Maids Teach Us About Physical Health and Life Longevity: A Lesson in Mindfulness

Mindfulness, nudity, maids, and life longevity. What brings these seemingly separate ideas together?

Is Chiropractic Care a Scam? Reflexology? Magnetic Therapy?

When is alternative medicine a fraud? Chiropractors, reflexology, and more. Tips to avoid being scammed.

What Psychological Science Says about Obama and What Makes an Effective Leader in Trying Times

What does science say about leadership in today's wacky world?

Beyond Jesus Christ: Another person with a really interesting death who should motive you to live better

A ridiculously interesting role model from history that we can all learn from. Only read if you're open to the possibility of modifying your belief system.And boy do I hope that's a lot of people....

Lessons from the Science of Well-Being for New Graduates and their Parents

Approximately 550 words of wisdom for students leaving the sanctuary of high school or college to enter the real-world. And the rest of us.....

The dark, bizarre, absurd, and deviant side of curiosity

Of note, this blog may be unsettling to highly sensitive people.

Curiosity and the Chrysanthemum: Defuse Conflicts, Become a Masterful Negotiator, and Relish the Beauty of Change

Who doesn't need to be a bit better at handling conflicts, arguments, and annoying people? Here is one simple solution backed by some bad-ass scientific research. A 2-minute read will change your life.  Or maybe not.

Only serial killers deserve to eat lobster

There is nothing more revolting than eating lobster.  And I am not referring to the weird situation of taking a living creature and boiling it alive for our gustatory amusement. Read on and you'll see what I mean...