Why Did Health Spending Slow Down Before It Sped Up?

HSA/high-deductible plans have helped tame healthcare spending.

What Are the Financial Risks of Being Uninsured?

Healthcare economist Chris Conover crunches the numbers and finds that the financial risk is probably much smaller than you think.

Obamacare's Cost Is Down 8%, but That May Not Be Good News

The CBO says the healthcare reform is looks more like Medicaid than intended.

Why Is Obamacare a Rube Goldberg Contraption?

The president erred by letting special interests control healthcare reform.

Can Obamacare Be Fixed? Part II

Four changes to the Affordable Care Act would greatly improve the healthcare choices we make.

Can Obamacare Be Fixed?

Four changes to the healthcare law would undo a lot of damage.

A Better Way to Cut Medicare Spending

Raise the eligibility age and requiring higher-income seniors to pay more of their medical costs would keep Medicare from having to cut access to care for seniors.

Zeke Speaks Out on McCain and Health Reform

Zeke Emanuel sheds light on the healthcare debate within the Obama administration.

Why Are So Many Economists Confused About ACA’s Effects?

Get a job with health benefits, and you lose your subsidy. That's an implicit tax on working.

False Advertising for Obamacare

Supporters of the president's signature legislation tout "new" legal protections that you already had.

What Politicians Don’t Understand About Insurance Bailout

Both Republicans and Democrats misunderstand Obamacare's 'risk corridors.'

Krugman Plays a Mulligan

The popular New York Times columnist backtracks after the Congressional Budget Office reports on Obamacare and jobs.

Are Young People Better Off Being Uninsured?

A new study finds that most young adults would be better off by foregoing healthcare insurance and instead paying their own costs out-of-pocket.

How the Left and the Right Talk about Inequality

We face a growing divide—between how we look at wealth disparities.

Coburn II

Senator Tom Coburn proposes a worthy alternative to the Affordable Care Act.

Is There an Argument ― Any Argument ― for Community Rating?

A solid case for requiring that everyone pay the same insurance premiums has yet to be made.

In Defense of Inequality

The wealthiest and most creative people contribute immeasurably to our lives.

Medicare Advantage

The program needs reform, but not in the ways dictated by Obamacare.

Medicaid Expansion Means More ER Visits

In some places, traffic to emergency rooms has increased despite health reform.

Are We About to Face a Severe Doctor Shortage?

Under Obamacare, the supply of health care providers won't be able to keep up with the demand.

What Paul Krugman Can Learn from Milton Friedman

Good economics isn't beholden to any particular political party.

Who Loses the Most Under Obamacare?

A new study estimates the number of newly uninsured created by the Affordable Care Act.

War on the Poor

The welfare state has eroded the culture of individual initiative.

How Small Business Is Reacting to Obamacare

A new survey found that most owners believe it will harm their bottom line.

Why Is David Cutler Shilling for the Administration?

An influential Harvard economist makes some basic errors.

Tattering the Safety Net

Obamacare is funded partly by cuts in "disproportionate care" subsidies to safety-net hospitals. This will make it harder for them to care for the poor in states that are opting to not expand Medicaid.

None Dare Call It…

The voice of the insurance industry is absent from coverage about Obamacare.

Health Insurance Cancellations Put Lives at Risk

Predictably, new regulations make it harder for insurers to serve the individual market.

The Selling of Obamacare

The president's claim that no consumers who lose their policies was unbelievable.

What Krugman Doesn’t Understand about Medicare for All

There is not a single major problem in Obamacare that would be solved by moving everyone into Medicare.