Seven Key Cultural Dimensions of the Model Minority Myth

This blog highlights seven important cultural dimensions of being a model minority in America. The model minority myth perpetuates the idea that many Asian Americans, irrespective of their individual aptitude and social class origins, have it in their cultural DNA to be passive, smart, attend ivy league schools and become highly accomplished doctors and mathematicians

Sex and Bodies in Search of Exotic Cultures

The power of media does not lie in the SI swimsuit issue’s brazen exhibit of women as objects, but in it ability to create flawless fantasies and desires for both men and women. For men, the images are meant to titillate and for young women these images act as a guide to having desirable bodies.

What Does it Mean to be American?

If demography is destiny, then any discussion about what it means to be American, both in contemporary and future America, needs to go beyond matters of legal citizenship. There are a large number of first-and second-generation non-white American citizens who identify with their multiple heritages and are re-defining the meaning of cultural citizenship and identity.