Troll Wars and Narcissistic Rage

With the recent Gamergate and Kathleen Hale controversies and more, the toxicity of online trolling is coming into prominence. There are effective ways to avoid the trap of getting sucked into internet troll wars, by examining your own narcissistic vulnerabilities.

The Use of Voice in Therapy

Finding my voice was the key to becoming a good therapist.

Wonder Woman: Why Role Models Matter to Young Girls

Positive media role models can make a big impact on young girls. Wonder Woman taught me confidence and strength and that black hair is beautiful.

Why He Hits: The Psychology of an Abuser

What can we understand about the dark motivations of a violent abuser? Can we use this knowledge to help stop domestic violence?

Don't Blame Plagiarism on Mental Illness

Plagiarism is a volitional behavior, separate from primary mental illness.