Biased Algorithms?

Algorithms govern most aspects of our lives with secret, biased methods. A data scientist turned activist gives us tips to uncover these biases and demand accountability.

The Empty Seat Problem

This common error known to pilots reveals one our mind's most dangerous flaws. Find out what it takes to avoid it.

Dear Students: Go Figure It Out!

When protocols are not the way, and autonomy cannot be taught, there is a simple recipe: get lost, figure it out!

Dear Students: No, I Won't Raise Your Grades

When "accommodations" and the tyranny of personalized care impede learning, virtue, and character-strengthening.

Prestige, Power, and Placebos

Intuitive errors and social pressures often fool us into the wrong decisions. But our social minds also possess untapped healing power. Recent research shows us how to use it!

Safe Spaces and Free Speech

Find out what students think about this polarized issue, and give us your own thoughts on the matter.

“Is Your Pet a Psychopath?”

How did deception evolve, and how do you know it's there? Learn these 4 simple, but overlooked signs.

The Burden of Memory (part 2)

If most of our memories are false, how can we decide who we are?

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Vanishing Grandmothers and the Decline of Empathy

Find out why empathy is declining, why grandmothers matter, and why disappearing cultures can show us a unique recipe to nurture compassionate children and happy people.

What is the Trump Effect?

Understand the psychological biases that make people vote for Trump or hate Trump voters. Find out why the Trump Effect explains social behaviour, not just American politics.

Did We Evolve to Be Monogamous?

Are long-lasting love and monogamy written in our genes? Yes and no. Science tells a strange story about love, but monogamy may be more advantageous than you think.

Addicted to Your Phone? Science Has Good News.

Our addiction to mobile technology sends us into frenzies of highs, lows, and longings. Science and mindfulness training have good news, weird answers, and a solution.

Daring to Hear Voices

Tulpamancers conjure sentient imaginary friends they experience as voices. They have a lot to teach us about what we never dare to imagine and experience.

A Mind of One’s Own?

Julian Jaynes once made the strange claim that our ancestors did not evolve conscious minds until 600 BCE. But are we conscious at all? To find out, let's talk about Love.

Do We Live in the Matrix?

Let's ask tough questions about the nature of Self, Consciousness, and Human Reality.

Caring for Others Is What Made Our Species Unique

Are we empathetic or apathetic? Our species has evolved to be uniquely caring and altruistic, but there is a dangerous catch. Find out how to avoid it.