This is a reposting of my latest blogpost on my policy blog,, which I was inspired to write because I know that there is more than just war and hate between Israel and Palestine and that we can grow weary of horrific headlines and feel powerless to make change. This story is just one of many that can be written about people on all sides who want peace enough to work hard and take risks to get it. Many other stories of peace-building exist but this is one I know and I thought I would share hope in a time of despair. Below is the link to the post.

Peace-Building in the Middle East: Joining hands across borders, religions and institutions

The post describes the institutionally based efforts of Jim Torczyner - a professor at McGill University and my mentor and friend - who has brought together civil society in Palestine, Israel and Jordan to connect like-minded people of peace who use community change strategies to spread the language and actions of peace amidst the insanity of conflict and war.

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