Proactively Coping With Racism

For most people of color, it becomes increasingly impossible to escape the stress caused by the barrage of news coverage broadcasting the gruesome details of racial violence.

When Clients Confess to Crimes They Did Not Commit

What if your client confessed to harming a child, but you were sure it didn't happen? A psychologist weighs the options and debates whether to report or not report.

Confronting a Toxic Racial Climate

A negative racial environment can be costly, resulting in high turnover, discrimination lawsuits, and even forced resignations. What can be done?

The Link Between Racism and PTSD

For African Americans, the experience of trauma extends beyond what we see on the news to the everyday challenges Black people face with omnipresent racism, leading to what’s known as “race-based stress and trauma.”

The Confederate Flag: Heritage or Hate?

Do Confederate soldiers deserve monuments, flags, glory, and honor? Or is it time to dismantle Confederate monuments and remove the flag from the public arena?

Can a White Person Become Black?

People all over the nation were shocked to learn about the curious case of Rachel Dolezal, former head of the NAACP chapter in Spokane who self-identifies as a Black woman, even though her biological parents are White. What is the psychology behind race switching and our reaction to it?

When Your Loved One Struggles with Mental Illness

When people in our lives do things that don’t make sense it can leave us confused, hurt, and alone. Mental illness affects not just the patient, but loved ones as well. Sometimes there are no easy answers. A psychologist shares her own personal experience.

OCD: From My Head to My Bedroom

Called the doubting disease, OCD can make you question your sexual ability, desires, and even orientation. The anxiety can ruin the joy of sex, resulting in relationship problems and despair.

Can OCD Wreck Your Sex Life?

OCD is more likely to result in a lack of sex rather than repeated memorable performances. Read about six ways that obsessive-compulsive disorder can cause problems in the bedroom.

Can a White Person Understand the Black Experience?

If you are a White person in America, it can be hard to imagine that your neighbor, coworker, or friend of color could be living a completely different experience. Why is it so hard to ask the important questions? How can a White person understand what it’s like to be a stigmatized racial minority? Can we forge an authentic connection?

Culturally Incompetent Therapy: When Therapists Do Harm

I recently received an email from a distraught reader who shared his experience of racism with his therapist, only be met with ridicule and disbelief. Many ethnic and racial minorities who need therapy avoid it for fear of being misunderstood.

Keep My Children Away From Me—I’m Dangerous!

You love your children with all your heart and would never forgive yourself if something bad happened to them. However, you repeatedly see yourself sexually molesting them when they are in your vicinity. You try to ignore it but the worry just won't go away.

My Husband Is Obsessed with Other Men

"Last year my husband told me that he is worried he may be gay. He has been constantly worrying about this even though he isn’t physically attracted to other men..."

How Well-Meaning Therapists Commit Racism

Racism can be perpetuated by therapists who are genuinely committed to the well-being of minorities and consider themselves progressive and egalitarian. Most of us go into the helping professions because we care about people, but even seemingly positive statements can communicate racism.

How Therapists Drive Away Minority Clients

Even among therapists who have received multicultural training, racism often inserts itself unconsciously into the counseling process. Learn four ways therapists offend their minority clients without realizing it.

Can Racism Cause PTSD? Implications for DSM-5

Discrimination can result in psychological and physiological stress, but can racism be traumatic? Ethnic and racial minorities may be at risk for this underrecognized mental health phenomenon. The DSM-5 opens the door to a broader perspective on race-based trauma.

When ADHD has Nowhere to Hide

ADHD might not be a problem when kids have plenty of physical activity or acres of farmland to roam free, but more kids struggle as schools eliminate recess, lunch breaks, and PE. In today's society ADHD has nowhere to hide.

Four Strategies for Becoming Multicultural

Understanding people from different ethnic and racial groups can be intimidating and uncomfortable. A multicultural middle-school student shares the secrets of her success.

Help! I’m Married to OCD

When obsessive-compulsive disorder is a third person in a marriage, it can be hard to make it work. Patients and spouses alike suffer when OCD rules the home, as family members get pulled into the obsessive-compulsive cycle. Learn what you can do when your loved one suffers from OCD.

Overcoming the Pain of Childhood Abuse and Neglect

When we have been abused or neglected as children it can leave us feeling deprived and wronged by those we loved and trusted. Learn how to overcome these wounds with self-help techniques rooted in the trauma research.

Could I Be a Pedophile? The Worst Kind of OCD

OCD is much broader and more debilitating than most realize. Of all the forms OCD takes, worries about becoming a pedophile may be the hardest to face.

Friendly Competition?

Contrary to conventional wisdom, men and women can be equally competitive. Competition can be helpful when it motivates us but harmful in relationships, resulting in stress, aggression, and broken relationships.

What Color Is Racism?

People may be discriminated against because of membership in a particular ethnoracial group (racism), because the shade of their skin (colorism), or both. Black women are in a triple bind. Society confers unspoken rewards on lighter-skinned Black women.

Sexual Thoughts, Sex Drive, and the Pill

Hormonal contraceptives, like the Pill, reduce testosterone levels in women. This changes the way women think about sex.

The Essential Ingredients of Casual Sex

Men and women respond much differently to offers of casual sex, but the desire for a good time is universal.

Doubt Therapy Changes Thinking Patterns in People with OCD

German researchers develop metacognitive training as a new form of help for people with OCD. While many struggle with side-effects from medication or difficulty locating a qualified OCD therapist, a no cost manual helps people with washing compulsions.

Assessment and Treatment of Sexual Orientation Themed OCD

Sexual-orientation worries are a common symptom of OCD that is often misunderstood by both clients and therapists. These obsessions cause distress, confusion, and shame. Many are afraid of getting professional help because they worry the therapist will think they are really gay.

Sexual Orientation Compulsions in OCD

What would you do if you thought you were becoming gay? Some people worry that their sex lives may suddenly be replaced with something unappealing and foreign. OCD can cause doubts about sexual orientation and hidden behaviors that don't make sense.

Sexual Orientation Obsessions and Suicidal Thoughts

What if your brain kept replaying images that you didn't want to see? What if it kept sending you conflicting messages about your sexuality? Would you want to die? Some people do. New research describes the startling connection between OCD, sexual-orientation worries, and suicidal thoughts.

Sexual Orientation Obsessions in OCD

"What if I've been gay all along and don't know it?" Sexual orientation worries are an underrecognized symptom of OCD that can cause distressing obsessions and covert compulsions. This puzzling form of OCD has been known to confuse patients and professionals alike, and sufferers struggle to find answers.