How to Reclaim the Power in Your Writing

It is a myth that only successful writers have more control over their careers because they’re successful. It is, in fact, the demanding of control early on that led to success.

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Here's a secret: The more you write, the more you want to write. The more you will write.

Let Go of Your Big Goals and Focus on This Instead

On my whiteboard in my office, I’ve written, “One thing at a time. First things first. Start now.” Below that, I’ve added, “Baby Steps. Just Begin."

Who Are You Really? Do You Know?

The beauty of being a writer is that you don’t have to choose. If you've been struggling with your identity as a writer and finding out what you were meant to write, read this.

Don't Let Them Kill Your Dreams

Why does everyone try to dissuade you from expressing your true desires? Here's how to keep those negative voices out of your head and truly go after your big goals and desires

How to Stay at the Top of Your Game

Self care is important if you're going to be your best self, whether personally or professionally. Some quick ways to do it right now.

6 Things You’re Saying To Yourself That Are Holding You Back

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On Crashing, Burning, and Finding Recovery

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Celebrate Your Failures!

There’s even a conference dedicated to failure. As noted on its website, “FailCon is a one-day conference for technology entrepreneurs, investors, developers, and designers to study their own and others’ failures and prepare for success.” Their speakers, from Vinod Khosla to David Pogue, aren’t typically people you’d associate with the word “failure.”

Your Culture and Your Brain

This new field of study is called cultural neuroscience and is dedicated to exploring the differences between Eastern and Western brains. I, personally, have always been more about mixing and matching. So if you’re wired a certain way, how do you create a balanced view of the world and learn to see things from an opposite perspective? Here are a few ways.

Creating a Color Blind Family

In art theory, we learned that different colors evoke different human emotions. Nowhere is this truer than in India. White skin is prized, a premium, something to aspire to. White means you’re rich, educated, someone who matters. Dark skin, on the other hand, is a sign of poverty, of hard manual work. Dark skin means you’re not as important.