Cubs Suck: Relax and Enjoy It!

Why are the Chicago Cubs so bad? That is a generous way to ask the question. The "Cubs Suck." And every fan knows how to intone those two four letter words in at least three different ways.

How Hanukkah Led Me to Cultural Anthropology

Behind the happy face of Hanukkah is a serious question: Is there room for the way of life of the very un-modern Maccabees in a liberal democracy such as our own?

Tiger Woods and the Halo Effect

When Dorothy unmasked the Wizard of Oz there was good reason to feel disillusioned, let down, betrayed, and really sad. But this is different. The Tiger Woods melodrama has a silver lining. It's an opportunity to get free of the halo effect and to stop looking for knights in shining armor on the PGA tour...