6 Tips for Determining If a Doc-in-the-Box Is Right for You

Consumers should keep these 6 tips in mind so they make better use of such clinics.
Health Affairs

The Key to Patient Empowerment

If you want clinicians in your organization to give decision aids to their patients, take the time to train clinicians how and why to use them.

Getting Good Advice From Your Physician

Patients should make sure physicians understand their goals well enough to help them make the right choices.

Sexual Harassment's Silent, Terrible Toll in Medical School

Organizational leaders, including medical school chiefs, chairs and deans, need to make it easier for their employees to report instances of sexual harassment without fearing for

Do You Overeat? You Might Want to Blame Childhood Stress

Eating only when you are hungry: That’s a real luxury.

How to Stop Over-Eating: Lessons From Brain Science

Brain science hints at several ways to reduce the pattern of food craving and consumption.
Health Affairs

Would Prince Be Alive Today If He'd Had a Different Doctor?

Physicians need better training on how to manage chronic pain and on how to help patients wean themselves from narcotics when they run the risk of being harmed by these medications

Uninformed, but Understandable Decisions

Women choosing to have bilateral mastectomies can teach us about the challenges of making good medical decisions.

A Link Between Pharma Consulting and Drug Prescribing

When making conclusions about controversial topics like physician/pharmaceutical relationships, we need to separate speculation from proof.

The Wrong Way to React When Terminally Ill Patients Cry

The question remains whether the medical profession will take doctor-patient communication skills seriously enough to emphasize them in training and licensure.

How to Make People Think Robots and Corpses Have Feelings

As much as we ought to disentangle our moral and factual judgments, that is not always easy.

The Dangers of Uninformed Belief

Russell Wilson’s pronouncements not only risk convincing his fans to waste money, but could cause some to delay necessary medical care, figuring those concussion symptoms will resolve with a gulp or two of miracle water.

Has Mammography Created an Epidemic of Pseudo-Survivorship?

Has overuse of mammography created a false epidemic of breast cancer “survivorship”?

The Harms of Believing in Exercise

Pretty obvious lesson here, but I will state it anyway. If you want to avoid becoming obese, eat well and exercise. Perhaps less obviously, try to convince yourself that exercise is not the key to fitting into that five-year-old pair of Levi’s.

Calling Obesity a Disease Dooms Dieters

The better we succeed in convincing people that obesity is a disease, the less motivated obese people will be to fight back against these social and physiologic forces.
Egg Yolk

Are Patients Harmed When Doctors Explain Things too Simply?

Sometimes fast-thinking is not so good. Which raises an interesting question for physicians trying to help patients navigate important medical decisions: Will they harm patients by explaining things so simply that patients make fast, erroneous choices?
CAT Scan

The Lost Art of Not Ordering a CAT Scan

We can’t leave well-enough alone. What we know to be true – “this patient does not have an acute neurological problem” – isn’t fully true until we have imaged the heck out of patients and can see – fully and tangibly see – that their brains look just as normal as we knew them to be.
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Q & A with R. Thaler on What It Really Means to Be a "Nudge"

Nudge is one of the most important and influential books on behavioral science and public policy I’ve ever read.

Study: When We Least Expect It, We Overeat

Sometimes being energized by your environment may be the worst thing for your waistline.

How Healthy Food Could Make You Fat

Say goodbye to the idea that what people weigh is solely a function of their deliberate choices!

Are Some Life-Saving Treatments Overkill?

We lose sight of the fact that sometimes the best medical intervention is not the most aggressive one.

Is it Irrational for Carmelo to Take So Many Three Pointers?

What happens when an NBA player misses a shot? How does such a failure influence the distance and timing of his next shot?

Will Cheap Genetic Tests Bankrupt Us?

The days of affordable genomic sequencing are rapidly approaching. But will such testing bankrupt us?

Side Effect Warnings Can Increase Pharmaceutical Sales

What is it that causes people to listen to the side effects of pharmaceutical products and still want to take the product?

Why Your Resistance Gets Low

Is it just weakness that causes us to overeat?

Is Greed the Key to Losing Weight?

A group incentive intervention to keep in mind when trying to promote socially and individually beneficial behaviors.

Define Emergency!

Fear of illness loses out over financial worries

Cancer Screenings and Natural Disasters: A Similar Debate

Can we claim to know the specific causes of individual tragedies?

Death With Dignity: Good Policy, Bad Name

There are many ways to die with dignity. Let's not propagate the mistake of equating dignity with suicide.

The Nitty Gritty of a Complicated Medical Decision

Should we consider only offering unproven medical interventions to patients willing to enter randomized clinical trials?