Driving Mindfully

To give your road rage or commuter's despair a brief vacation, give mindful driving a try.

Trudy Goodman on Jon Kabat-Zinn and MBSR

"When Jon Kabat-Zinn developed the MBSR program, it was a perfect fit, and it was also a way to reach people in great need of healing who would otherwise resist seeing a therapist or attending meditation classes."

Mind-Body MD Looks for Emotion Behind Chronic Pain

Most people have no trouble identifying a "tension headache." But what about other aches and pains?  An interview with mind-body medicine practitioner, David Schechter, MD.

Remember Past Coping

People come to therapists wanting answers. How do I feel better? How do I make this situation, this feeling, this pain go away? Many therapists will respond with a question: "What's worked in the past?"

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction: What it Is, How it Helps

Mindfulness teacher and writer, Elisha Goldstein, PhD on Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, the subject of his new co-authored workbook.

Dealing with Chronic Pain

An interview with Alan Gordon, LCSW, pain psychotherapist.  "Many of my clients bounced around from doctor to doctor for years, unable to find relief for their chronic pain. Usually they come upon the TMS diagnosis as a last resort, having exhausted every treatment from physical therapy to magnets to South American shamanism."

Remember to Breathe

One of the simplest ways to begin coping in a crisis, or to just get through the stresses of an ordinary day, has been there all along: Breathe.

Building Your Support System

Getting help from others is often the first, best step toward getting through a crisis.