Words Matter and Labels Make a Difference

Is Ariel Castro really a monster—or is there much more to his behavior?

Dangerous Instincts

When a person or a situation is dangerous — will our gut instincts tell us what to do?

Would You Be a Good FBI Interviewer?

Would you be a good FBI interviewer? Are you a good listener?

Injustice Collectors and Leakage

Some crimes truly do shock our conscience and one such crime occurred in Oakland, California recently when a lone gunman entered a small private Christian University and shot and killed seven people, some of them reportedly execution style.

An Act of Evil? When Monsters Kill!

Labels like "monster" and "evil" only serve to perpetuate misperceptions about violent offenders and their crime and catapult us back to the 18th century when due to a lack of science the only explanations for violence was to attribute it to mystical, evil figures like monsters, werewolves and vampires.

Five Reasons People Get Away with Murder

When law enforcement seemingly takes weeks, months and years to track down, catch and prosecute an offender, people are left with many questions. They have the same questions when a high-profile defendant is acquitted or when a dangerous person is released early from prison and then goes on to commit another violent crime.

11 Tips for Staying Safe

Staying safe is not about paranoia or about worrying that a dangerous person could come into your life at any moment. All it takes is using your head rather than your gut.