Dating Violence, Warning Signs

Can teens be taught the fundamentals of healthy relationships and the warning signs of possible abuse? Health education can do much to protect youth before it's too late.

Reparations for African American Survivors of Jim Crow?

Media articles today have reopened a discussion on reparations for African Americans as compensation for their economic losses as a result of past oppression. In this blog-essay I support this suggestion with a focus on labor exploitation in the Jim Crow South as opposed to compensation for the sufferings and stolen labor under slavery.

Children Conceived Through Sperm Banks and Surrogacy

Exciting options are available today for single women, infertile couples, and gay men to have children. The fertility industry is a billion-dollar industry bringing happiness to many, while legal and ethical issues are raised. This article takes a positive approach to these possibilities.

U.S. Moralism and the Death of Philip Seymour Hoffman

As we ponder the reasons for Philip Seymour Hoffman's death, we need to attribute much of the blame to America's lack of treatment options. Had he had access to legally prescribed heroin, the chances are he'd be alive today.

Black History Month

During Black History Month and Martin Luther King's birthday, let us remember of the important role played by maids, cooks, and housekeepers in accomplishing the first victory of the Civil Rights Movement. Montgomery, Alabama was the place; 1955 the year.

Josh Powell, Dangerous Men, Child Visitation and Joint Custody Laws

This essay calls for stronger safety measures by the courts in cases of domestic violence and suspected homicide.

Norwegian Massacre: Culture, Context, and Contagion

How could this happen in the country that is number one on the UN human development index? How could this happen at all? This article looks at the massacre in Norway in terms of the culture and context.

The Mind of the Assassin: The Case of Jared Lee Loughner

Consider a white male who is suicidal, delusional, extremely resentful of consecutive failures, who shows symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia and sets out to purchase a handgun.

Women’s Shelters and Domestic Violence Services Save the Lives of Men

This article examines the paradox that women's shelters are saving the lives more of men than of women.

The Fall of John Edwards Revisited: A Case of Unresolved Grief

As the attacks on John Edwards' character still continue, we can at least consider the denial of death as a possible explanation for some otherwise inexplicable behavior.

The Economic Factor in the Rash of Murder-Suicides

There is growing evidence that the increase in murder-suicides and especially of whole family murder-suicides are related to the current economic crisis. This essay examines the evidence of an iincrease and explains how psychological factors come into play in bringing about such horrific acts.

Priest Abuse: Male Compared to Female Victimization Impact

The sexual crimes committed against children and adolescents by Catholic priest has figured prominently in the media over the past decade, and rocked the Catholic Church the world over. The “sins of the fathers” have been more than matched by the sins of the church hierarchy which showed more concern for the protection of the abusive priests than for the prevention of future violations or for the suffering caused to the victims. Whereas the media focus has been largely on the scandal of the cover up, on the behavior of individual priests, and on Pope Benedict’s complicity in reassigning fallen priests, a concern that is rarely addressed is the psychological impact on the victims of these violations. The psychological impact varies by gender.

Amy Bishop and the Trauma of Tenure Denial

Workplace shootings by women are extremely rare and, until now, seemingly non existent. Two unique factors are prominent in the situation that led to the University of Alabama-Huntsville mass slaughter. The first is the unique history of violent rage reportedly in the background of the assailant. The second is the structural violence that sometimes accrues to the university tenure process. The author who herself once experienced tenure denial helps us understand how these two factors came together to produce a situation of grief and horror.

The Hasan Shootings: Method, Madness, or Both?

Why did he do it? Whatever possessed him? There are more questions than answers as to why Major Nidal Malik Hasan walked into a crowded soldier-readiness center at Fort Hood and opened fire on the soldiers.

Personal Identity of Kidnap Victims Following Rescue: Jaycee Dugard

Jaycee Dugard will make a surprisingly positive adjustment to life after her 18 years of living as a kidnapped victim. Other predictions in the media have been dire. Since information is scarce and only time will tell, these predictions are all speculative. Here I simply want to look at some others of these strange cases.