Critical Incident Stress Reactions from Violent Crime

Exposure to traumatic events have both short-term consequences and long-term impact but recovery is possible

Acute Incident Stress Is Disruptive. Get Back to Routine!

A "critical incident" is any event that has significant emotional power to overwhelm usual coping methods.

Stalking Crimes and Victim Protection

Stalking, Stalker, Victims and Victim Assistance...

The Four Domains Impacted by a Traumatic Man-Made Event

Acute traumatic stress response, PTSD, anxiety, crisis reaction, violence, rear, terrorism, situational stress.

"In the Wake of Trauma"

Mass fatality in the community, trauma mental health, acute traumatic stress response, critical incidents, mass murder, anxiety and trauma, fear response to trauma. PTSD.

"Violence Expressed Through Mass Murder"

An epidemic of growing proportion and concern in American society.

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing From a Traumatic Event

Dr. Davis discusses the protocol for prevention, intervention and post-traumatic followup from a man-made critical incident in the workplace, school setting and community.